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On the border between Europe and Asia, Turkey opens its doors to a mysterious world of inexhaustible riches. From the Cappadocia region to Bosporus, from the Black Sea to Anatolia, Turkey offers an immense variety of cultures and landscapes to its visitors. Istanbul, capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, is waiting for you at the heart of the fascinating history of Turkey. The canyons and the open-air museums of the Cappadocia region won't disappoint nature lovers, while the enormous beaches of fine sand of the almost island community of Bodrun will please people who love to relax. Go and discover sites like the Turkish Hittites, observe a sunset on the river and capture the unique atmosphere of Ottoman culture. Well-known for their kindness and generosity, the Turkish will welcome you with open arms for a total immersion in a country at the crossroads between Asia and Europe.

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All these travel ideas for Turkey will definitely make you want to pack your bags! We continue our journey to the heart of this bewitching country. Take a minute to dream about the Roman fortresses and the Greek temples that dot the country, imagine yourself swimming in the translucent water of Cirali, a small town on the coast at the bottom of the Taurus Mountains. Visit the ancient city of Ephesus, Didim and Miletus to finish a ramble in the Guzelcamli national park. Admire the Byzantine art present in not just the museums but in the Turkish temples and monuments. Finally, discover the incredible underground city of Ozkonak and its 10 stages, at 130 feet deep. As a couple, as a family or with friends, you and only you decide your Turkish itinerary. Via Evaneos Travel, you will be put in contact with a local travel agent passionate about Turkey, who will help you to create an itinerary especially for you and based on what you want to do. Would you like to add a balloon flight or a visit to your journey? Your travel agent will take care of everything and will put everything in place so that your trip to Turkey will be an unforgettable memory.

When to go in Turkey?

The best times to go to Turkey are Spring and Fall, when the climate is 'visitor friendly' so to speak. Between October and April, a lot of sites are closed and, depending on the region, it can get really hot in summer. What's more, summer is peak tourist season, so it's crowded, often claustrophobic. May to September is best for the northeast, as it can be too cold the rest of the year.
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Silk route in Turkey. Amazing places.
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I loved Turkey and found it a very safe country to visit. A lot of places are set up for tourists, which carry pros and cons. The first day I participated in a tour organized by the local tour agency, I was quite shocked to encounter 3 different shopping stops, as I did not realize I had signed up for shopping tours. The tour agency didn't think to alert me to this as they are accustomed to setting up this type of tours for other tourists. As someone who is used to more independent travel this was not my style and quickly grew to resent the amount of time I was 'stuck' in these shopping stops. On this same trip I signed up for a few Airbnb Experiences and found them to be much closer to my ideal way of experiencing the place—spending time with locals doing what the description of the experience said we would do (no hidden shopping stops). I tried to tell my local agency about Airbnb Experiences and they did not believe that these experiences would not contain shopping stops. The tourism industry offering the types of tours consisting of shopping stops needs a huge rehaul if it were to appeal to millennial and middle-aged travelers who are more used to custom-tailored experiences that don't make people feel stuck and having their precious little time abroad wasted on activities that do not appeal to them.
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It would be impossible to imagine a better Istanbul guide than Ergul. As well travelled as we are, the quality of a bright, engaged, thoughtful guide who is far more than doing her usual talk was perfect. In Cappadocia we had particular delight in our accommodations, luxury cave indeed!. Of course both the balloon experience with Erdal, an owner of Turkiye Balloons was fabulous and our guide made the valley an exciting time of discovery and understanding. On our own we did a day boat out of Gocek that we loved. All we wanted was more of everyting we did.
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