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Family holidays in Morocco

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Family tour ideas in Morocco

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The warm climate, no matter the time of year, is not the only thing Morocco has going for it; with interesting cities, beautiful beaches, friendly and welcoming locals, breathtaking mountains and sprawling deserts, Morocco is the perfect place to introduce your family to the wonder of travel, or simply the setting for your next unforgettable adventure. Wander the narrow winding streets of old Marrakech on a tailor-made Morocco tour, browsing souvenirs of all kinds to take home with you. Take a camel ride through the desert, where you can even stay the night in a traditional tent, tasting classic food cooked over a campfire. Morocco is the ultimate destination for old school, adventurous families.

Best things to see and do in Morocco with kids

Offering mountains, coasts, trekking, deserts and cities, Morocco is certainly the perfect destination for adventurous families and it has a set of activities to match. Visit the desert to enjoy camel rides, sand boarding, quad biking and an overnight stay in a traditional camp, with a meal cooked on a fire under the star-studded night sky. The capital; Marrakech, is the perfect place to explore as a family. Parents will be able to enjoy the rich history and architecture, while children or teenagers can enjoy a vast range of activities which will ensure that they will never get bored, such as ziplining for older children or donkey rides for younger travellers. There are so many parks and other attractions within the city, such as the ‘Terres d’Amanar’ which offers fun, sports, and activities. Discover hidden gems, traditional tea shops, restaurants, and fantastic souvenirs in the Old Quarter, or enjoy a classic meal of Tagine and Couscous before sampling some pastries from the local market that can be found in the main square. For sporty families, The Atlantic Coast offers a range of water and wind sports, such as surfing and kite surfing. Essaouira is a great choice of location, since it offers great beaches and interesting ramparts along the coast for kids to explore. Horse riding in Essaouira is also a great option for the whole family, where families can ride along the beach or through the forest. Camel riding is also sure to please everyone, from the youngest children to teenagers. The best place for family hiking and walking is The Atlas Mountains, which are home to incredible scenery, waterfalls, and a range of easy and harder trails for hikers to follow.

Best time to visit Morocco as a family

Knowing when to travel to Morocco is fairly easy as the weather in Morocco is fantastic all year round, and even in the middle of winter you’ll be pleasantly surprised by warm days and nights. In the desert, the days remain warm throughout the year but during the winter the desert nights can become very chilly. If you are planning to camp overnight in the desert between November and February, bring extra clothes to compensate for the chill. The summer months here can reach scorching temperatures, making it too hot for exploration during the midday heat and meaning that you are better off staying near the coast, where temperatures are much more bearable and you and your family can relax in the shade of a palm and go for a dip in the sea or a quick surf to cool off.

Family holiday tips for travelling to Morocco

With a little research and knowledge you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your family trip to Morocco, here a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your holiday.

  • Sites here can be quite far apart and there isn’t really any way to avoid long drives to get from a to b. Make sure you pack plenty of entertainment for kids and teenagers as well as travel sickness medication if your children struggle with long journeys.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas where pickpockets are rife. Keep cash and any important documents in a safe a hidden place.
  • If you visit any religious sites, dress appropriately, with women and girls needing to cover their heads.
  • Try to avoid drinking tap water where possible, to reduce the risk of catching any stomach bugs which can quickly ruin a perfect family trip.
  • Keep small change on you to tip at local cafés and restaurants.
  • Learn a few key phrases. Learning some choice words and phrases can be extremely handy should you find yourself in a situation where no one speaks English. If nothing else, it always goes down well to greet and thank locals in their own language.

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