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Trip review

Tim M
Tim M
loved their trip to Mexico

Copper Canyon was enjoyable. We would recommend other travellers do not use the train to get from Chihuahua to Creel. The departure time of 6 a.m. is anti-social, too early to get breakfast in most hotels, and on the train the restaurant car doesn't open till 7 a.m.. The countryside seen from the train on this sector is not very exciting. Travel light as often we either boarded or alighted from the train onto the railway track. Hotel Divisadero needs to upgrade its food. The view is not enough! The Mayan sites were wonderful. Mexico City was not. We enjoyed everywhere we went in the Yucatan Peninsula, except Playa del Carmen.
Trip Details
As a couple
1 March 2017
Trip type

Trip customised with a local travel agent in the destination

Tim M
Tim M
1 April 2017
Best parts:
Very good support from Sonia. All her arrangements worked. Good hotels - Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza; Pousada de Hidalgo, El Fuerte; Casa de Balam, Merida; Hotel Castelmar, Campeche.
Worst parts:
- Copper Canyon Element - Climbing on and off El Chepe (train) with suitcases. Inadequate stations. Chaos and suspected pickpockets at Creel Station. Inaccuracy in describing included activities ('3 hour hike' from Cerocahui was actually a bus trip: '2 hour hiking tour through the steep canyon' from Divisadero turned out to be a half hour walk which didn't take us more than 300 metres from the hotel) Food at Hotel Divisadero, Divisadero Accommodation at Villa Mexicana, Creel - Other Elements - Mahekal Beach Resort - Not up to reputation; over-priced food and drink, and proposed excessive tipping; sewage smell (from neighbouring properties, but disturbing)
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