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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Malaysia

Malaysia's climate is tropical, it is therefore very hot and humid all year round. In concrete terms, the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, with a moisture level ranging from 70% and 90%. It is therefore important to take this into consideration when planning your trip to Malaysia. It also has a rainy season. The eastern coast of the country is particularly affected by this, so if you intend to travel there between November and February, it is important to note that the wind and rains can be quite heavy, to the extent that certain islands become completely inaccessible during the rainy season.

Take note that the cost of living in Malaysia is quite low, which affords visitors from the North quite a high purchasing power. As everything can be found on the spot, I suggest you travel light and opt to buy things as needed. The local markets are often in the hands of the Chinese.

Islam as the main religion also imposes certain rules as to what you must pack in your suitcase when you plan your trip to Malaysia . Ladies, remember to take with you baggy, lightweight clothes that cover your legs and chest, especially if you intend to travel in the north of the country. If you wish to visit mosques, it is important to have a scarf. Still, if you don't have one, it is very easy to buy one on the spot, or even hire one at the entrance to the mosque.

Lastly, if you wish to discover the Borneo side of Malaysia and to spend time in the jungle, you will need to pack a slightly different set of items in your suitcase. 

Here are a few ideas of what to pack in your suitcase before leaving for Malaysia:

  1. Your camera to immortalise the trip, not forgetting spare batteries
  2. Plastic bags to protect your electronic devices
  3. A torch, always useful for nature outings
  4. A daytime bag to have everything to hand
  5. An anorak for cool nights and days of high wind during the rainy season
  6. Sturdy shoes if you plan to go hiking in the national parks
  7. A raincoat for the rainy season
  8. A scarf for visits to temples and mosques
  9. A hat to protect yourself well from the sun
  10. Baggy, lightweight clothes to avoid mosquito bites and also for visits to temples and mosques
  11. An insect repellant against mosquitoes for stays in the jungle
  12. Sun cream, for the sun is very hot in summer
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