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An update from Evaneos

Discovering Kerlingarfjöll

Spending time in Kerlingarfjöll is like making a small stop in a place which nothing seems able to disturb, in the middle of the mountains and the desert.

In the middle of nothing, you find everything

During your trip to Iceland, if you decide to go via the legendary F35, it is likely that you will stay overnight in Kerlingarfjöll. This little place far from anything is almost the only civilised place you will come across in the region, in the sense that it is possible to camp there, sleep under a roof or even eat at a (expensive) restaurant...

After passing several long hours sitting in your vehicle somehow advancing over the bumps in the road, it is a real pleasure to find a little bit of comfort on arriving in Kerlingarfjöll. With a dream setting between cliffs, mountains and the panorama, the arrival on site is a visual feast which will delight the whole family (if travelling as well, of course!).

For those who would like to enjoy this place more, it is possible along the river on the right bank from the campsite, to access the hot springs with its pool. If there is no lifeguard on site, it is still possible to swim safely and enjoy the often peaceful hot spring waters.

The geothermal energy of Iceland.

If when travelling through Iceland you want to satisfy your thirst for discovery and to learn more about the clean geothermal phenomena of the country, do not miss any pretext to go hiking in the vicinity of Kerlingarfjöll!


Indeed, after two hours of walking, the Hveradalir Valley awaits you in a stunning vista of ochre, smoke and heat. The fumaroles fill the air with a strange atmosphere, the colours change with each day and it seems that the world around us is being created. The heart of the Earth beats here, under the intrepid feet of visitors.

Knowing that some routes can be arduous because of uncertain weather conditions, be prepared to climb some very steep slopes, wade through large puddles of mud or cross some uninviting bridges. However, if this frightens you, it is possible to take the road which overlooks Kerlingarfjöll and avoid some of the dangerous routes. If the adventure has a little less spice, it will be even easier!


Cedric Tinteroff
62 contributions