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An update from Evaneos

On the F35

Route F35, the most beautiful route you could possibly find in Iceland!


The majesty in solitude

During your trip to Iceland, perhaps you will want to get off the beaten track and explore the wildest, the loneliest and the least busy region of the island: the Highlands.

To do this, there are two conditions to meet: that it is in the summer, so that THE main route is accessible and, above all, to not be afraid of the unexpected. Indeed, a journey via Route F35 does not meet the usual standards. In this barren and rocky scenery, solitude rises majestically and creates and extraordinary atmosphere. There is no risk of a traffic jam as traffic is rare.

A cabin on F35

On the other hand, the possibilities of getting bogged down, puncturing a tyre or not being able to cross a river because of a sudden rise in the water levels are completely real. It's for this reason that it is necessary to take time to appreciate the pleasure of being there, in the middle of nowhere, contemplating the glaciers which surround this mythical and beautiful F35!

Have suitable equipment

During your journey through Iceland, you will certainly have noticed that small cars are not out in legion and that numerous roads are reserved for more substantial vehicles, such as 4x4's and others that are similar: which is the case for F35.

Due to its special character as an unsealed road, it is not undertaken lightly. In this region, you won't find a service station, phone coverage is limited and accidents are entirely possible: it is important to prepare your excursion carefully, especially if you leave, in addition, for the hinterland!

If you are not completely confident in your abilities as a driver, don't hesitate to inquire about bus journeys: some companies offer packages for travel via Route F35 and your concerns will be forgotten: relax and take advantage of this small corner of paradise!

Cedric Tinteroff
62 contributions