One week in France

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Start planning your one week tour to France

France is a perfect location for a one week tour and has long been seen as one of the best classic destinations there is. Visit France to soak up the local atmosphere and immerse yourself in history. From Paris, the bustling city of love, to The Loire Valley and its timeless beauty, France’s relatively small size means you’ll be able to see it all on your 7 day trip.

Best things to see and do for one week in France

What to see in one week

Whether you prefer medieval sites, impressive ancient buildings, famous structures or cutting edge, modern galleries. A few days in Paris are the first stop for any one week tour of France. You will be able to wander from The Eiffel Tower to the Sacre-Coeur to Notre Dame, before enjoying a picnic of classic French ingredients in one of Paris’ beautiful parks. Art-lovers won’t be disappointed by a visit to France, where you can see the work of some of the world’s most famous and well-known artists. Paris is home to countless museums but you can also find museums further afoot and in most of the country’s beautiful towns and cities. See the ancient castles that are dotted around the country and at sites such as Mont Saint Michel you will feel as though you’ve stepped back in time as you enter the gates of a castle straight out of history book and wander around a medieval city that seems frozen in time. History buffs should also visit Normandy, where modern and ancient history meet and you can take the time to learn about medieval events at sites such as The Bayeux Tapestry. Here you can also visit the battlefields of World War One which is a beautiful, thought-provoking and sombre visit that can be an incredibly educational and worthwhile day out.

What to do in one week

During your 7 days in France you could go to a ski resort in The Alps, go cycling through Normandy, surfing in Aquitaine or La Rochelle on the Atlantic Coast and so much more. With opportunities for entertainment and adrenaline around every corner, France is one destination where you won’t be bored. France is also a great place to learn something new, whether it’s about art, food, history or culture. Take a gallery walk in Paris before heading off to give it a go yourselves in an art masterclass where you can learn to paint like the greats that you have just admired. If learning a new skill sounds like fun, why not also take a cooking class? France is widely considered to be the centre of fine dining and cuisine and the best place to learn how to recreate all your favorite dishes once your vacation is over. Perfect the macaroon or the croissant in a patisserie masterclass before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If its relaxation you’re after from your week-long France trip, then visit the French Riviera where you can relax in the sun and the sea before enjoying local restaurants, concerts, galleries and events.

Best time to travel to France for a week

A one week itinerary in France is the perfect choice for any time of year. During the summer months more popular destinations can become slightly crowded, with availability in hotels and other accommodation becoming harder to come by. Springtime is the perfect time to visit if its an active holiday you’re after, since you’ll be able to ski in the Alps whilst still enjoying snow free ground in other areas, for cycling, hiking, horse-riding, sailing and so much more. During the winter, the weather is generally colder but not extreme and as such France is an excellent choice for a Christmas away from home. Whenever you decide to organise your one week tour to France, you’ll never want to leave this incredible destination.

When to go in France?

France's temperate climate makes it a fairly pleasant country to visit all year round, though you do need to bear in mind that it can get very cold in winter, especially in the north and the east, and very hot in summer, particularly in the south. Many French people (and other Europeans) choose to holiday on the Mediterranean coast in August. This can make the price of accommodation particularly high at this time of year, and the most popular and well-known coastal resorts can get very busy. Shops more or less everywhere will be closed for the annual holidays too. So avoid August if you plan to go on a shopping spree!
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