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On a 7 day trip to Croatia you can enjoy so much that the country has to offer. Stay in land or head to the coast for an unbeatable taste of culture, ancient history, and stunning surroundings. Each part of Croatia is so distinct that you’ll feel as though you’re visiting several destinations in one. Go off-the-beaten-track and see life as a local, or treat yourself to luxury and enjoy high-end accommodation. Organise your 7 day trip to Croatia to see what makes this destination so special.

Best things to see and do for one week in Croatia

What to see in one week

The first stop for any week long trip to Croatia should be Dubrovnik, where you can explore the cobbled streets in the old town as well as the museums and galleries here. Enjoy a delicious meal in any one of Dubrovnik’s best restaurants and take in the atmosphere here. Next head to the Dalmatian Coast where you can relax on the beach, swim in the crystal blue sea and have your pick of all the great accommodation here. Stay in a luxurious hotel where you can treat yourself to a visit to the spa or just enjoy the incredible ocean views. For those who love the sea, a visit to The Blue Grotto is not to be missed and you’ll love seeing this breath-taking sea cave with an open roof. Lastly, fans of TV shows such as Game of Thrones will be able to take a tour of all the sites used in scenes. Besides their appearance in the show, these places are amazing in their own right and are well worth a visit.

What to do in one week

An Island tour is an amazing thing to do on a 7 day trip to Croatia and you’ll be able to see a different island everyday should you wish. Visit Korcula Island, or the Roman ruins that can be found on The Isle of Vis. Brac Island is the perfect choice for active visitors who will love the atmosphere here and will appreciate the popularity of the sport of choice on the island. The conditions here are perfect for windsurfing and you’ll be able to give it a go in idyllic surroundings. The Plakinsi Islands are another great choice and are perfect for those wanting to hire a boat, since you can hop from island to island in a relatively short time and feel like true explorers. Lastly, any one week itinerary in Croatia would be incomplete without a stop-off at Plitvice Lakes National Park where you can enjoy the famous lakes and waterfalls as well as explore the rest of the park on foot, bike or even horseback.

Best time to travel to Croatia for a week

July and August are undoubtedly the peak season months for tourism in Croatia and this is due to the warm weather during this time. If you can, try to visit just before or after these months to ensure that you still have good weather and that all of the summer activities are still in full swing. Spring and Autumn are also great times to visit, however, with prices being reduced and availability for accommodation being significantly raised. When to visit Croatia is a question that will depend on your own preferences but whenever you decide to go, you won’t be disappointed by your time here.

When to go in Croatia?

Croatia has two different climates. On the coast, the climate is Mediterranean: winters are pleasant and summers are hot. Further inland, winters are very cold and summers are hot and stormy. The best time to visit Croatia is between May and September: the weather is glorious and the sea is warm enough for swimming. For those who don't like crowds, avoid the touristic coast during July and August. And beware of the wind throughout the year!
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