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Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Practical information about Dubrovnik

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5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
Three hours from Split by car
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Dubrovnik

Emmanuelle Bluman Travel writer
163 travel articles

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly one of Croatia's most beautiful cities, with reminders of its rich history visible at every turn. But these qualities also attract hordes of tourists who come to capture the charm and atmosphere of its various sites and attractions.

My suggestion:
Avoid the main thoroughfares and instead head off to explore the maze of little streets. Do not bother with the restaurants that try to coax you in off the street either, and buy your souvenirs in some of the other towns and cities in Croatia instead if possible!

Lying right in the very south of Croatia, Dubrovnik stands looking proudly out to towards the sea, which has been the source of the city's wealth for centuries. It is a strange feeling walking around Dubrovnik's ramparts and seeing the vastness of the Mediterranean spread out before you; the sense that emanates from these walls, which have long served to protect the city from enemy assaults, is one of invulnerability. 

Barely had I returned back to the little streets of the old town district before, upon seeing the numerous old buildings that still stand here – vestiges of a glorious past, and here too, like the ramparts, very well-maintained – I was once again struck by a sense of the history of this place. 

Dubrovnik is simply full of palaces, churches and cobbled streets, and is an absolute treat for lovers of ancient bricks and mortar. 

There is a small price to pay for all this however, namely the large number of tourists who flock here, a phenomenon in which the lucrative cruise ship market plays a significant role. It is definitely a good idea to avoid the Stradun, the city's main thoroughfare, despite the various attractions it has to offer. Stroll around the smaller, less-visited streets instead and seek out some peace and calm in the shadow of one of the ancient palaces.