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All lovers of the great outdoors and nature will find happiness in Canada. Here nature comes in the finest forms: endless glaciers, mountains, and forests… An incredible breath of fresh air awaits you in Canada. Everything here is XXL – 40 times the size of the UK, 4 time zones, 4 million square miles – all in one of the least densely populated countries in the world. In a place this big, how do you find your way in planning your stay in Canada? Don't worry, your local travel agent, a specialist of this destination selected by Evaneos, will help you find it. In Canada, nature is the centre of everything, and the country changes its face every season… You get to choose what you want for your trip around Canada! During a self-drive tour in Canada, you’ll be dazzled by colours and landscapes as far as the eye can see. But that’s not all: the majesty of these sights will be matched only by the hospitality and friendliness of Canadians. Canadian culture is rich, and it has been shaped by various influences: of course by Native Americans, the country’s first inhabitants, as well as by Europeans, the French, the English, and now by those who have come over from the United States. Breathe it in and enjoy it: Welcome to Canada!

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Guide to travelling in Canada

Do these tour ideas for Canada inspire you? They certainly inspire us! There are several sites that should not be missed during your stay in Canada. Starting with Montreal in the east - the second biggest French-speaking city in the world. You'll love Mount Royal from which you will have stunning views of the city or where you can enjoy ice skating on frozen lakes in the winter. Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides a unique trip back in time to the French colonial period. It is situated in the Charlevoix region, where a meteorite crashed 350 million years ago, creating an incredibly diverse landscape that has been classified as a World Biosphere Reserve. Vancouver cannot be missed, with its picturesque neighbourhoods and vibrant culinary scene. Take a stroll in the huge Stanley Park, a vast urban park located on a peninsula, or head out to the country, to explore the beach or forest. Nature will be a main theme during your trip to Canada. Ontario is home to large swathes of wilderness abounding in wildlife. It is here that thousands of lakes and rivers converge, and you can find unspoiled flora and fauna. Before leaving Canada, be sure to visit the western province of Alberta, an area of immense natural wealth encompassing mountains, prairies and badlands. Banff National Park is the main draw, with the majestic Lake Louise. Canada offers endless possibilities…all you have to do is pick a tour and start customising it to your needs!

When to go in Canada?

The best time to visit Canada is hard to define. Winter's great for skiing and summer preferable for outdoor activities and touring the larger towns. Canada also has resplendent Springs and Autumns. So, it really depends on what you're planning to do once in Canada. In general, winter should be avoided as it gets extremely cold with Artic conditions in the Great North. And winter is long in Canada, lasting from December to April...
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