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Hpa an

Hpa an (Burma)

Practical information about Hpa an

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5 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
90min by bus from Mawlamyine
When to go
From December to March
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Hpa an

Romain Beuvart Travel writer
89 travel articles

Hpa An is a small city on the banks of River Salouen and is the capital of Karen State. One of its main attractions are the rocky crags that dot the region.

My suggestion:
Don't miss the bat cave, near to the bridge at the south of Hpa An, where you'll see millions of bats fly out at dusk. The easiest way to get around the region is by motorbike.

In my opinion, Hpa An (pronounced 'Pa Anne') is a must see during any trip to Burma. You'll feel like you're at the world's end - it's the type of landscape I adore. Hpa An is surrounded by mountains and steep cliffs that house numerous caves. Most have been turned into temples, filled with stupas, thousands of sculptures that cling to the walls and, of course, bats for caretakers.

The center of Hpa An circles a roundabout near to the clock tower. If you travel by bus, you'll arrive here, although you can travel by boat from Mawlamyine. From the center you can easily get to the morning market, which is held near the mosque. There are also lots of Buddhist temples, the best known being the Shwe Yin Myaw Pagoda, from which you can see an amazing sunset over the river, with the mountains providing the perfect backdrop.

As for climbing the mountains, I went up Hpan Pu, which is an easy walk and you only have to go a little way to get a great view of the town. You can get to it by taking a boat from the Shwe Yin Myaw Pagoda side of Hpa An. Only thing lacking in the town is what and where to eat. There are few places to go and restaurants all close early.

Sunset at Hpa An
Silvia Garcia & François Vioud Travel writer
26 travel articles

At about 5hrs from Yangon, Hpa An is a must-do, that's feasible if your trip to Burma is on a 28-day visa.

My suggestion:
If you can, hire a motorbike so that you can tour the idyllic area around Hpa An at your own pace and enjoy its blend of Buddhism and impressive natural sites.

Hpa An has lots of things to see, be it natural wonders (caves, mountains etc) or man-made Buddhist structures (pagodas, statues etc.)

The list is long, but one of my favourites was the Kyauk Ka Lat Monastery, where you'll find pagodas precariously balanced on a crag. You can also visit the Saddar Cave where statues of Buddha, cave paintings and engravings are watched over by groups of monkeys that play on the rough, stony facade. Don't miss out the Lonbani field, which is dotted with statues of Buddha that seem to sprout from the ground, as well as Kaw Ka Thong, with its statues of monks that are lined up one after the other. Finally, there's the bat cave, where each day at sunset thousands of bats head out into the night.

Trust me, you won't be short of things to do and see!

The Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda