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BoliviaThe Best Of Peru And Bolivia In 15 Days

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In 15 days, you will discover the wonders of Peru, Cusco and Lake Titicaca, and the spectacular landscapes of Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt flat and South Lipez. As a first step, a stay in the heart of the Andes cradle of Inca culture. You will discover the city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley and its many major archaeological sites. Your stay in Peru will end with a visit to Lake Titicaca, recognized as...

In 15 days, you will discover the wonders of Peru, Cusco and Lake Titicaca, and the spectacular landscapes of Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt flat and South Lipez. As a first step, a stay in the heart of the Andes cradle of Inca culture. You will discover the city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley and its many major archaeological sites. Your stay in Peru will end with a visit to Lake Titicaca, recognized as the highest navigable lake in the world. In the second part of the trip, you will dive into the special Andean atmosphere of the city of La Paz before escaping to the spectacular landscapes of Salar Uyuni and south Lipez.

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Your group tour

Day 1: Arrival in Peru

At your arrival at the airport Jorge Chávez of Lima, you will be taken to your hotel.

English speaking assistance from airport to your hotel.

Included:  private transport, reception with english-speaking guide, room & breakfast.

El Ducado (Lima)

Day 2: Discovery of Cuzco's historical downtown

You will be transferred to the Lima airport to take your flight to Cusco.

Reception at Cusco airport and transfer to the hotel.

Departure for an half-day dedicated to the discovery of Cuzco's historical downtown.

In the morning, visits of the Koricancha (Temple of the Sun), and of the Cathedral, exhibiting some paintings from the School of Cuzco and many goldsmith’s art, silver and precious stones treasures.

Then we walk down to the San Blas quarter (the artists’ place).

Included:  private transport, transfer departure, departure transfer with english speaking guide, airport tax, domestic flight, transfer arrival, lunch (no drinks), entrance fees, room & breakfast, english-speaking tour leader, guide expenses

Amaru I (Cusco)

Day 3: Explore the amazing ruins of Pisac

Departure at 7am in a private vehicle on a day-trip exploring the Sacred Valley.

The first stop will be at the ruins of Pisac, one of the main Inca sites, where the different areas (administrative, religious, military) are scattered on the mountainside. Also observable are the large terraces that were used for agriculture but also protected from the effects of erosion.

Then we will take a walk around the colorful handicraft market before taking to the road again, this time in the direction of the salt flats of Maras that, since Inca times, have collected salt water from a local source. This is then transformed into salt through the evaporative effect of the sun.

We then walk down to the Urumbamba River where the vehicle awaits to take us on to Ollantaytambo, the last Inca architecture village to still be inhabited. Visit of the monumental stone fortress.

Train to Aguas Calientes.

Note: The train company allows passengers to carry a cabin bag of up to 8kg per person. It will be necessary to leave your "checked" luggage at the deposit of the hotel in the Sacred Valley and Cusco.

Transfer and check-in to the hotel at the end of the afternoon.

Included:  private transport, entrance fees, lunch (no drinks), train ticket, english-speaking tour leader,guide expenses, room & breakfast.

CuscoPisacMaras Ollantaytambo , Aguas Calientes
La Cabaña (Aguas Calientes)

Day 4: Visiting the beautiful Machu Picchu

In the early morning, direct connection to the shuttle service that will drive you to the citadel of Machu Picchu. Arrival to Machu Picchu, wonder of the world. 

Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city of the fifteenth century in Peru. Abandoned during the collapse of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu sacred city, forgotten for centuries, is considered as a masterpiece of Inca architecture. It was unveiled in 1911 by the American archaeologist Hiram Bingham. 

Train to Ollantaytambo.

Note: The train company allows passengers to carry a cabin bag of up to 8kg per person. It will be necessary to leave your "checked" luggage at the deposit of the hotel in the Sacred Valley and Cusco.

Afternoon train.

Reception at the train station and transfer to the hotel in Cusco.

Included:  bus ticket, guide expenses, entrance fees, lunch (no drinks), train ticket, private transport, room & breakfast, english-speaking tour leader.

Machu PicchuAguas Calientes Ollantaytambo , Cusco
Amaru I (Cusco)

Day 5: Historical day at Pukara Museum

Transfer to Cusco's bus terminal.

Departure by tourist bus to Puno, town located on the shores of Lake Titicaca. We enjoy wonderful landscapes along the road. We go over the Raya Pass, at an altitude of 4320 meters. Visits of the Pukara Museum, of the archaeological site of Raqchi and of the “Sistine Chapel” of the Andes in Andahuaylillas.

Lunch included (buffet restaurant at Sicuani). An English-speaking guide, exclusive to the bus company, participates to the journey and gives information along the way. 

Reception at the bus station and transfer to the hotel.

Included:  private transport, entrance fees, local english-speaking guide, lunch, bus ticket, dinner, public transport, room & breakfast, english-speaking tour leader, guide expenses.

CuscoLake TiticacaRaqchi, Andahuaylillas, Puno
Night at the Intiqa (Puno)

Day 6: Visiting the floating islands

Early in the morning, transfer to the port of Puno where we embark on the journey to the islands of Uros and Amantani. After a 25-minute cruise, we visit the floating islands. These islands are not natural; they were built by the Uros tribe, whose main activity is fishing.

We then head for Amantani (around a 2 and a half hour cruise) where we will be welcomed by a local family who will share their lunch with us. In the afternoon we will take a walk up to the high point of the island and visit the archaeological sites dedicated to Pachamama and Pachapapa. 

Dinner and night in the home of a local family.

Note: Very basic accommodations at a local family's home.

Included:  dinner, excursion (private), english speaking guide, lunch, room & breakfast, english-speaking tour leader, guide expenses.

PunoUros, Amantani

Day 7: Immersion into the Peruvian ancestral traditions

In the morning we leave by boat for Taquile (around a 1-hour cruise), a culturally very interesting island where the inhabitants had no contact with the outside world for four centuries and have therefore preserved their ancestral traditions.

Visit and lunch (not included) in a local island restaurant. Return trip to Puno in the mid-afternoon and transfer to the hotel. 

Included:  breakfast, excursion (private), english speaking guide, private transport, lunch (no drinks), room & breakfast, english-speaking tour leader, guide expenses.

Amantani, Taquile, Puno
Night at the Intiqa (Puno)

Day 8: Arrival in Bolivia

Private transport Puno - Desaguadero. 

We meet our guide at the border (at the Bolivian immigration post after the bridge). Departure in private vehicle. Along the way, we stop at the archaeological site of Tiwanaku. Guided visit through the pre-Columbian ruins, which are considered to be amongst the most important of the continent. Arrival in La Paz by late afternoon.
Note: On Friday, the local market in Desaguadero can make traffic difficult leading to delays in crossing the border. 

Included:  english speaking guide, private transport, english-speaking tour leader, guide expenses, entrance fees, local guide, lunch (no drinks), private transport, english speaking guide, breakfast buffet, room.

PunoDesaguadero, La Paz
Night at Naira (La Paz)

Day 9: Explore the witches market of Mercado

Our driver will pick you up at 09:00 am at the hotel lobby. Today you will discover the most traditional side of the city, walking into the day-to-day life of the “paceños” (inhabitants of La Paz). You will first enter the indoor market of the Plaza San Francisco (Mercado Lanza) where many workers have breakfast.

You will then take the cable car going up to El Alto and enjoy a unexpected view over the city and the mountains that surround it. You will fly over different neighborhoods and the general cemetery, in which you will then enter to discover the Andean post-mortem traditions: here the families leave elaborated offerings on the graves.

Walking from the cemetery down to the historical center you will walk through the traditions of clothing and traditional celebrations of the city. Do you remember the “cholitas”, the women using traditional Andean clothing? In every street you will find an item of their outfit: skirt, heat, shoes, jewelry… nothing is missing! In the Los Andes Street you will feel like carnival is coming. It is the tailor’s street and every shop is filed with colorful costumes and masks.

You will end our tour in the Witches Market (“Mercado de las Brujas”) where the locals buy all the necessary artifacts for ceremonial offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth): coca leaves and other medicinal plants, miniature figurines in sugar and lama fetuses.

A private driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the bus station. We meet in the hall of the hotel at 8 p.m, for the transfer to the bus station of La Paz.

Departure of the night bus at 9 p.m. This bus is comfortable and direct to Uyuni. Arrival the next morning around 7:30 a.m.

Note: it is possible to take a shower and breakfast (for a small fee) that morning in Uyuni, before departing for the 4WD expedition.

Included:  entrance fees, lunch (no drinks), private transport, english speaking guide, bus ticket.

Night in the bus.

La PazEl Alto, Uyuni, Villamar

Day 10: Journey across the Sur Lipez

A private driver will pick you up at the bus station.
Breakfast included.

We begin today our journey across the Sur Lipez area, elevated region of colorful landscapes and lagoons, rock formations and volcanoes.

We will start the day at 09:30 am with the visit of the train cemetery on the outskirts of Uyuni. Here a collection of old rusted train engines remind the glorious mining past of the region. We will then ride south and make different stops on the road to visit villages, in particular the model urbanization of Culpina K. Here the population has decided to waive working in mines and organized to ensure that the whole community can live from the culture of quinoa and from community based tourism.

We will have lunch in the village of San Cristobal, where we can visit a beautiful colonial church if we are lucky (it is not always open). We will then cross the region of Rio Grande to reach the village of Villamar (4022 m.a.s.l.) at the end of the afternoon. Distance covered today in our private jeep: 190 km.

Included:  transfer arrival, breakfast, dinner (no drinks), lunch (no drinks), private transport, room & breakfast.

Uyuni, Villamar
Night at Las Piedritas (Villamar)

Day 11: Admire the amazing frozen landscape

During our second day in the Sur Lipez we will discover the most famous highlights of the region. We start the day with the Laguna Colorada (el. 4278 m.a.s.l.). This immense lake of pinkish water owes its name to the presence in its waters of light sensitive phytoplankton, which also attracts thousands of flamingo part of the year. We will then visit the geysers Sol de Mañana (el. 4850 m.a.s.l.), a volcanic crater with sulphur springs and boiling mud.

Next stop: the Polques thermal springs. You are almost 4200 m.a.s.l. but get ready to jump into hot water (86°F/30°C), surrounded by an amazing frozen landscape. 

We will then jump back into the jeeps and ride along the Laguna Salada and the Dali Desert (el. 4750 m.a.s.l.). Here the strong wind has created surprising rock formations that reminds the work of the Spanish master. Short before midday we will reach the Laguna Blanca and Laguna Verde (el. 4350 m.a.s.l.), at the foot of volcanoes Juriques and Licancabur (el. 5704 and 5960 m.a.s.l.).

After having driven around 170 km we are here at the very south of Bolivia, close to the border with Chile. From here we will drive 90 km back to the Laguna Colorada and 70 km more to the north to reach the Siloli Desert (el. 4700 m.a.s.l.), where we will spend the night. Just before arriving we will discover the famous “Stone Tree”. 

Included:  dinner (no drinks), entrance fees, lunch (no drinks), private transport, room & breakfast.
Note : availability of double room with matrimonial bed not guaranteed.

Villamar, Siloli, Sol de Mañana, Laguna Salada
Tayka del Desierto (Geyser sol de mañana)

Day 12: Incredible mummies of Lipez Lords

Today we continue enjoying the landscapes of the Sur Lipez area… This morning we head north along the Chilean border on the scenic “Route of the Jewels”, which owes its name to all the lagoons along its way: Honda, Ch’arkota, Hedionda, Cañapa. These lagoons are home to three species of flamingoes. We will stop at the view point of volcano Ollagüe (el. 5868 m.a.s.l.). 

This volcano is still active and shelters one of the world’s highest open pit copper mines. We will then cross the small Salar de Chiguana located at the foot of volcano Tomasamil (el. 5900 m.a.s.l.). After riding 160 km we will reach the village of San Juan (el. 3600 m.a.s.l.), where we will spend the night. This small village is famous for its surprising mummies of the “Lipez Lords” (1200 after J.C) and its small museum.

Included:  dinner (no drinks), lunch (no drinks), private transport, room & breakfast.

Siloli, San Juan
La Cabana de Sal (San Juan)

Day 13: Reach the Island of Incahuasi

Today we will leave the Sur Lipez and live a unique moment: driving across the world’s largest salt flat! After a two hour ride we will reach the famous Salar de Uyuni (el. 3650 m.a.s.l.). We will then ride half an hour on the salt desert (34 km) to reach the Island of Incahuasi. This surprising island lost in the middle of the Salar offers an incredible view over the Salar and the several volcanos that surround it.  

Of volcanic origin, it is covered with stromatolites and giant cacti (stromatolites are fossilized bacterial colonies, first traces of life on earth). In the afternoon, we continue loosing ourselves on the white desert during an hour and a half more (73 km) until arriving to the city of Uyuni. Just before leaving the Salar, we will stop in the village of Colchani to visit its salt exploitation and the only salt hotel buil on the Salar (closed since 2001). 

A private driver will  take you to the bus station. 

Departure at 8 p.m. to La Paz by a confortable direct night bus. You will have the option to take a shower for a small amount of money before departure. Arrival in La Paz at 7:30 a.m on the following day.

Included:  entrance fees, lunch (no drinks), private transport, transfer departure, bus ticket.

San Juan, Uyuni, La Paz

Day 14: Enjoy the world's highest capital

A private driver will pick you up at the bus station and drive you to your hotel.

Free time to enjoy the world’s highest capital. Maybe you can have a nice walk in the historical center, go handicraft shopping in the numerous stands of the Sagárnaga street, discover which artifacts are used for the offering ceremonies to Mother Earth ("Pachamama") in the Witches Market or even visit one of the various museums of the city… Or maybe you will prefer see the city from the air taking one of the three gondola lines of the capital.

Included:  private transport, breakfast, breakfast buffet, room.

La Paz
Night at Naira (La Paz)

Day 15: Departure day

A private driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport.

La PazEl Alto

LimaCuscoPisacMaras Ollantaytambo Aguas CalientesMachu PicchuLake TiticacaRaqchiAndahuaylillasPunoUrosAmantaniTaquileDesaguaderoLa PazEl AltoUyuniVillamarSiloliSol de MañanaLaguna SaladaSan Juan

Price and dates for group departures

Approx. £2,240 / 15 days
Excluding international flights
2 paxSingle Supplement
Price per person in double room£2,240£230
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Included in price:

  • English speaking assistance 24/7 during your stay
  • Private transport (air-conditioned vehicle with spanish-speaking driver, fuel, road tax, parking, drivers’ accommodation and meals if necessary)
  • All breakfasts (not guaranteed if leaving early the hotel)
  • Lunches and dinners indicated in the "included" section of each day
  • The nights in the mentioned hotels or equivalent
  • Guides, entrances fees and activities mentioned in the "included" of each day

Not included in price:

  • International flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Bank Charges
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