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Feel a total sense of wonder standing before the temples of Angkor! The dark years of Cambodia are gone for good and the country is open to the world. Visitors are ever increasing and come to discover the majestic site of Angkor, the internationally renowned pearl of the tourist industry. The city of Angkor has known an extraordinary fate: forgotten for several centuries, rediscovered by the French in 1907 and once again forgotten. Visitors have been able to rediscover its secrets for the past twenty years. Built between the 9th and 14th Centuries, Angkor was one of the biggest towns in the world and is today, one of the most visited sites in the world! Although it’s difficult to be able to contemplate these sublime temples alone, like the explorers of the beginning of the 20th century, to discover them through Evaneos Travel, will guarantee you an adventure off the beaten tracks and a long way away from tourists. Enchantment is guaranteed! Cambodia also has other riches to offer curious visitors: as a member of Evaneos Travel, the things you will remember about your holiday, apart from the magnificent sites you have visited, will undoubtedly be the « kindness and availability of the Cambodians », that you will be lucky enough to encounter during your visit…
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A trip to Cambodia should not be limited to the discovery, however awe-inspiring, of Angkor’s archaeological site. Other unforgettable encounters await you. For example, you can stop over on the Tonlé Sap lake, famous for its floating villages. The houses are on stilts and the inhabitants get about by canoe. Unless you prefer to go dolphin-watching in the fresh waters at Kratie. You may also find yourself alone on the heavenly, near deserted beaches and enjoy the gentle fresh water there. Everywhere, the holidaymaker is surprised by the Cambodians’ sense of welcome, their smiles and friendly hellos. As Boris says through, it is “a holiday away from other tourists but close to the locals” that awaits you in Cambodia. Whether at the beginning or end of your trip, don’t forget Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, that can be variously chaotic, teeming and passionate. What was once the jewel of colonial Indochina is more than ever loaded with history. Visit its fine museums and the architectural vestiges of the colonial era that make the town so quaintly charming. An obligatory route for those who wish to understand the history of Cambodia in the 20th century includes the gloomy S-21 prison and the Killing Fields, painful witnesses to the Khmer Rouge era. To conclude your trip to Phnom Penh on a lighter note, enjoy the walk along the Mekong River. An ideal spot for a drink as you breathe in the town’s atmosphere.

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The nicest time to visit Cambodia is between December and February. June is often the hottest month and the rainy season begins in July and lasts until October. However the scenery changes dramatically at different times of the year.
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Asia Adventurer
We spent time in Phemom Penh, 2 nights in Battambang and 2 in Siem Reap. 2 nights in Chaing Mai and 2 in Bangkok.
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V+C 2019
We loved the complete introduction to Vietnam and to Cambodian history and culture, the hosted lunches, the quality of the tour guides, meeting the local people. We were young adults during the time of the Vietnam war. I felt skipping the tunnels and the killing fields did not deprive us of appreciating the conduct of the war and the killing in Cambodia. We were able to get glimpses because of the guided trip, and the background given by guides and host families about their families' experiences. Especially the Museum in Saigon was poignant. Suggest adding tour to stilt houses on large lake in Cambodia. We went independently on a tour of this and this was great.
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