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Antalya (Turkey)

Practical information about Antalya

  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • Viewpoint
  • Port
  • Water Sports
  • Archaeological Site
  • Place or Historical Monument
3 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
3hr 20min drive from Fethiye
When to go
From April to November
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Antalya

Timothée D. Travel writer
285 travel articles

Based on flight arrivals from London, this is the third most popular tourist town in the world, as witnessed by its evolution in to the 'Turkish Riviera'. But even so, Antalya is an enjoyable town.

My suggestion:
If you want to find out more about Antalya's heritage and archaeological assets, then head to the Antalya Museum.

The biggest town on the Mediterranean coast and home to millions, Antalya blends modern living with tradition. It's historical roots can be seen in its charming old town, which is one of the best in the country. Narrow, Ottoman style streets wind around Roman ruins next to a beautiful, small harbour, which reminds the visitor that this was once a lowly, fishing port. Its cosmopolitan traits appeared with the arrival of mass tourism and it houses tourist resorts capable of welcoming 10 million visitors per year.

Between the two, I prefer the former and spent my time exploring the charming, old town as well as its stunning coastline, complete with little creeks and beaches overlooking crystal, clear waters. A really enjoyable experience during a holiday in Turkey.

View of the Mediterranean Sea from Antalya
Travel writer
129 travel articles

Antalya has some great attractions. It has a bit of everything - a harbor town full of history, culture and with stunning scenery.

My suggestion:
You should definately do a tour of the old Kaleiçi district, with its Ottoman-style architecture. A stroll around will plunge you into the Ottoman era. 
What I loved about this town was it's laid back atmosphere, despite it being the biggest city in the southwest of Turkey. If you head up to the hills, you'll get an amazing view.
The Mediterranean Sea
An evening in Antalya
Travel writer
34 travel articles

Antalya is a touristic seaside resort located approximately 750km South of Istanbul. It's mainly a destination for families seeking calm and peaceful holidays.

My suggestion:
When booking accommodation in Antalya, pay attention to the types of services provided. Indeed, you could find yourself in a holiday club (very common in Antalya) whereas you thought you were in a simple, independent hotel. 

Antalya is a very touristic town. It has numerous infrastructures to accommodate them, as well as many activities such as jet skiing, upward parachuting and scuba diving. You must be careful with your budget, because this kind of activity could quickly have a substantial impact on what you thought you were going to pay.

For history lovers, you can climb the mountains in search of old antiques sites such as that of Termessos. It's the most preserved tourist site. Indeed, Termessos is slightly less restored that other antiques sites around Antalya, but it is authentic.

If you travel to Antalaya in the middle of summer, you can also enjoy numerous aquatic centres in the open. Whether you're with friends or family, everyone will be happy there (especially with the summer heat).

Termessos Site
View of the town of Antalya - Turkey