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Ephesus (Turkey)

Practical information about Ephesus

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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
Eighty kilometers from Izmir by road
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Ephesus

Timothée D. Travel writer
285 travel articles

As an ancient site of absolutely exceptional quality, Ephesus is often inundated with visitors during the tourist season.

My suggestion:
Most of the archaeological discoveries made at the Ephesus site can today be found in the museum in the neighboring town of Selçuk as well as in Vienna and in the British Museum in London.
Ephesus is definitely one of the best preserved and best restored ancient cities in the region and was, in turn, one of the richest commercial cities under the Greeks and the capital of the province under the Romans. Personally speaking, I found the state of conservation of the various sites at Ephesus impressive: whether it's the amphitheater, which is absolutely enormous and could hold 25,000 people, the Temple of Hadrian, which again is perfectly preserved, the Basilica and tomb of St. John, which stands as testament to the first stirrings of Christianity in the region, and finally the library, which was one of the largest of its time. 
Library of Celsus in Ephesus
Travel writer
25 travel articles

Ephesus is an archaeological treasure on the west coast of Turkey.

My suggestion:
It's best to visit Ephesus off-season. You'll avoid the stifling, summer heat. It's also easier to conjur up images of ancient Greeks and Romans going about their daily lives when there are no tourist coaches blocking the entrance!
Whilst I was on vacation in Turkey, I made the most of my stay at Izmir by heading off to Ephesus for the day (about 1 hour's drive away).
Clemence Zisswiller Travel writer
34 travel articles

Included among the most important cities from Antiquity, Ephesus houses the relics of many civilisations.

My suggestion:
The site has very few spots in the shade and is situated in a scorching region. In the summer, you feel like you are literally roasting all through the tour. Make sure you have sun cream and hats!

Situated among the Mediterranean olive trees and pine trees, Ephesus will immerse you in the world of ancient Turkey. In this exceptional region, exploring ancestral treasures is a real pleasure! I am generally not very drawn to archaeological sites because I have often been disappointed, but I revised my position after this visit. I was impressed by the size of the place and the preservation of the relics! Moreover, the site has many explanatory boards, which makes it accessible to the public.

Colonnades, temples, statues, and public spaces bear witness to centuries of history... But it is the Library of Celsus that especially causes you to daydream. In the space of a few moments, you start to drift back through the centuries. Like many others, amuse yourself by singing a little song on the stage of the Greco-Roman Great Theatre of Ephesus to try out the echo. The novelty is always there!

Ephesus really deserves a visit during your stay in Turkey. However, one drawback is that the "souvenir" sellers at the exit of the site do not want to let you slip through their net and can be very tenacious. A piece of advice: run away!

The Library of Celsus