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An update from Evaneos

Best places to visit in Sweden

Sweden is a destination which seems to be perpetually on the rise... Evidenced, for example, by its education results, its laws are ahead of their time and Swedish ex-pats seem almost defiantly happy. It's also famous for its design, and of course for Lapland. All good reasons to give Sweden a shot.

As the destination is slowly becoming more open to tourism, we've done a quick round-up of the unmissable spots. Thankfully, tips and advice from the Evaneos experts are just a few clicks away, helping you gather ideas. A stay with the Sami in Lapland? A road trip around Stockholm? Unmissable sites in the country? No need to look any further: it's all here!

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a veritable Venice of the North, and it's worth spending a few days here. Not only is the lifestyle there great, and you'll find yourself lingering at every shop; there are also many activities you can do on its string of islands: visit the old town on the island of Gamla Stan, Vasa museum, Skansen open-air museum, etc.

In winter and summer alike, a trip to Lapland is a must. Kiruna remains an imperative destination for hiking, particularly before Christmas, with its village dedicated to Father Christmas, and an ice hotel. You'll find beautiful areas with frozen lakes and beautiful forests ideally suited to a sleigh ride with a team of dogs towards the Abisco national park and towards Skellefteå.Try your hand at fishing, snowmobile-driving and walking in snowshoes too.

If you've got a little more time, consider visiting the Göteborg archipelago and lake Vättern as well. These are worthwhile excursions when leaving from Stockholm in Southern Sweden.

It's over to you to explore the Evaneos website and discover the places that will make it to your Scandinavia itinerary.

Julie Olagnol
Lidköping is a university town that's totally off the beaten path, southwest of Stockholm.
A city situated on the coast and the Baltic Sea, in the confines of the north of the country, Lulea is a pleasant place with a little pedestrianised centre.
Ritsem is located at the end of a road from Gällivare that runs along the edge of the beautiful Lake Akkajaure. The STF Mountain Hut serves as a base camp for hikers getting ready to take on the neighbouring national parks.
Located between two wide valleys, Singi is a very nice stop on the famous hiking trail, Kungsleden, in Sweden.

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