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Dalecarlie (Sweden)

Practical information about Dalecarlie

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
3 hours by train from Stockholm
When to go
From May to September or in winter
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Dalecarlie

Travel writer
54 travel articles

Dalarna is a region in central Sweden. It manages to reunite all the Swedish cliches: red wooden chalets, lakes and forests. The little wooden horses, which are the country's symbol, come from there. 

My suggestion:
A few days is enough for exploring this essence of Sweden. Dalarna is easy to get to from Stockholm and ideal for a family holiday!

It wasn't my first trip to Sweden so I suggested to my brother and some Swedish friends that we spend a few days far away from Stockholm, for a change.

We chose to go to the region of Dalarna which should, in principle, assuage my need for nature in the wild. So off we went for a few days road-trip!

Our first stop was the village of Sundborn so we could visit the museum in the house of the artist Carl Larsson. It was May but you would have thought it was winter as there was still snow. The village is very peaceful and has a river running through it...It doesn't take much time to go round it and the church and its cemetery are worth a visit.

At the end of the day we headed north to Rättvik where we were going to stay two nights. The town is on the shores of a big lake, Siljan, and is also very peaceful. There's nothing special to visit in Rättvik but it's a good base camp and the walk around the lake is nice.

The next day we went to Mora, which is much livelier, at the other end of Lake Siljan. My friends wanted to visit the Anders Zorn museum (another artist), but I preferred going for a walk in the neighbouring forest. The weather was finally spring like and I wanted my break in "nature". There are lots of places to walk and you can also see cross country skiing paths and some ski lifts. Perhaps I should come again in the winter?

A Dala horse
Travel writer
26 travel articles

The charming region of Dalarna is often regarded as a miniature Sweden. It has everything to offer: ethnographic museums, small towns and peaceful nature.

My suggestion:
Rent a small red wooden chalet for an added touch of authenticity. I highly recommend you travel by car for more flexibility.

I took a train from Stockholm to get to the main city of Dalarna: Falun, 40,000 inhabitants. I slept in a former prison converted into a youth hostel! I recommend the experience. The city is nice for strolling among its shops, squares and wooden houses, particularly in the 3 historic districts. In town you can also visit the famous red copper mine as well as the Dalarna museum.

Elsewhere, Rättvik, Borlänge, Mora, Tällberg are beautiful places to visit, while the shores of Lake Siljan are a great place to enjoy a picnic, as many Swedes do at the weekend. However, to get the most from your visit it is recommended to hire a vehicle.

Dalarna? An essential visit during any trip to Sweden

The Dala horse, symbol of the region