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Stockholm (Sweden)

Practical information about Stockholm

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
2 hours by plane from London
When to go
In winter or summer
Minimum stay
3 to 5 days

Reviews of Stockholm

Timothée D. Travel writer
285 travel articles

The capital of Sweden and the largest city in Scandinavia, Stockholm is an elegant and majestic city, made up of both land and sea.

My suggestion:
A visit to Stockholm wouldn't be complete without an trip through its incredible archipelago. You'll find that many ferry operators offer the trip for a more than reasonable price.

Nicknamed the Venice of the North, Stockholm encompasses various islands, infusing them all with the elegance and rich history of a royal capital. Our visit begins with the old town of Gamla Stan, taken straight out of one of Hans Andersen's fairy tales, with its tiny, interweaving cobbled streets, its brightly painted façades and its steeples, poking out above this fairytale-like, dolls-house scene, which the royal palace overlooks. A few bridges down the way, you'll find yourself in Södermalm, the town centre of Stockholm and the centre of its identity, with its numerous chains, its design stores, its state-of-the-art restaurants and its ultra-contemporary clubs.

I was particularly impressed by Stockholm's aesthetics and its beautiful unity of history, land and sea – but I did find that the Swedish capital left quite a cold impression, which is why I was unable to completely surrender to its charms.

A street in Stockholm's old town
Travel writer
75 travel articles

The capital of Sweden is a real architectural gem which is just as good in winter as in summer. 

My suggestion:
Even if its the most touristy area of the city (and there still isn't mass tourism in Stockholm), I would recommend that you stay in Gamla Stan. This island is the oldest and most central part of the capital. 

In my opinion Stockholm is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian capitals if not the most beautiful. Beyond its majestic architecture, the location it spreads out in is particularly exceptional. In fact, the Swedish capital stretches over a series of islands, creating an urban landscape where the water is always present. But, contrary to a classic port tow where the sea is the only horizon, Stockholm offers a succession of buildings, lakes and vegetation in a much less linear fashion. The beauty of the Swedish capital makes is an unmissable place to visit during your whole stay in Sweden.  

Even if I visited it in winter, the cold didn't bother me (too) much. That said, I would still recommend that you make the most of the Advent period as Stockholm is entirely decorated and interspersed with the most adorable and well-stocked Christmas markets, each one more than the one before. Even the open-air museum, Skansen, puts on its own Christmas market. It's worth going there as the products are even more authentic and original than those in the rest of the city.

This time of year is also very distinctive as the sun rises late and sets very quickly, plunging the city into a very distinctive atmosphere and light.

General view of Stockholm
Gamla Stan Christmas Market