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Abisko (Sweden)

Practical information about Abisko

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5 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
1 hour from Kiruna by train
When to go
In summer or winter
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Abisko

Timothée D. Travel writer
285 travel articles

Nestled in the Arctic confines of Lapland,  Abisko (Abeskovvu in the Sami language) is a good base for exploring Abisko National Park.

My suggestion:
If you go to Abisko, a good way to get up high in the surrounding lanscape is to climb Nuolja Mountain, which overlooks the town.

Populated by only a hundred people year-round , Abisko survives mainly from tourism and science, with a research centre for climate change there. The city in itself is naturally very limited in interesting things to see and do: there are a few shacks and a train station on the line between Stockholm and Narvik, Norway. 

It's understood that people don't go to Abisko except to enjoy the incredible nature in the surrounding area, making it one of the most unspoilt places in Europe. Located at the northernmost tip of the Kungsleden trail, which runs along the Scandinavian mountains for more than 250 miles, Abisko is an ideal haven for discovering the vastness of the surrounding nature. In addition, because it's north of the Arctic Circle, you can enjoy the midnight sun in summer and the beautiful northern lights in winter.

For all these reasons, in my opinion Abisko was a place all its own, the true image of this part of Europe that's still completely pristine and unknown! Something to do during a stay in Sweden!

Typical scenery in Absko National Park
Travel writer
31 travel articles

Abisko is located north of the Arctic Circle, perfect for a unique Lapp experience.

My suggestion:
Think of bringing enough cash with you: there weren't any cash machines in the village when I went there.

Abisko is a little corner of paradise for nature lovers, which will make your trip to Swedish Lapland even more memorable. I still remember the day I stepped onto the platform at the station. The streets were empty, but the windows of the little, red houses dotted around the neighbouring hills were all lit up, warm and welcoming.

In Abisko, you can enjoy an authentic Lapp experience. I had a very sporty trip in dog sledges, a snowshoeing hike on the frozen lake, cross-country skiing and I was lucky to see the Northern Lights. All my memories from there are extraordinary, but my memory of a traditional sauna experience will always stay etched in my mind. After a long, sporty day, the travellers meet up in the sauna in the evening to wash, relax and chat. Tradition demands that you are in your birthday suit before going to freshen up by rolling in the snow or jumping in the lake! I don't think I will ever forget that snowball fight, completely naked, in the Lapp night.

View of the frozen lake in Abisko