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Stora Sjöfallet

Stora Sjöfallet (Sweden)

Practical information about Stora Sjöfallet

  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Mountain
  • Archaeological Site
  • Place or Historical Monument
  • Unesco World Heritage
  • Off the beaten track
5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
A 1.5 hour car journey from Gällivare
When to go
During summer
Minimum stay
3 to 5 days

Reviews of Stora Sjöfallet

Timothée D. Travel writer
285 travel articles

A large national park in the north of Sweden, Stora Sjöfallet has more mountains and woodlands than the other large national parks neighbouring it.

My suggestion:
Climate variations are sometimes sudden and brutal and can make trekking dangerous, especially when riverbeds of rivers that you have to cross suddenly rise.

Made up of lakes, wild forests, high plateaus, staggering glaciers and peaks, Stora Sjöfallet national park provides what the majority of travellers come there in search of: nature, nature and even more nature. The Sami, a people that were previously nomadic living off crops and game, are the only people who live in the area throughout the year. Now they have become settled, they specialise in tourism by managing the few lodges along the hiking paths and in raising reindeer. 

During my stay in Sweden, I crossed a section of the park by following the Kungsleden, the royal route which stretches over 400 km and crosses the absolutely breathtaking countryside at the northern edges of Europe. Summer is without doubt the season to go there, with bearable temperatures and maximum sun, the midnight sun and abundant flora and fauna. Strictly speaking the lack of accommodation makes the region quite tricky to travel in during the winter season.

A river in the Stora Sjöfallet national park