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One week in Poland

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A week in Poland will be a week steeped in culture and history as you explore the country’s sights and sounds. You’ll be able to visit castles and museums as well as more modern attractions, as well as get to know the Polish culture, sample delicious food and chat to friendly people. From rivers, waterfalls and other areas of natural beauty to some of the most beautiful man-made sites, such as the Wieliczka Salt Mine, a trip to Poland has something to offer everyone.

Best things to see and do for one week in Poland

What to see in one week

With so many things to see in one country, it can be hard to narrow this list down to fit into your one week itinerary in Poland. Why not start by visiting some of the country’s famed castles? Wawel Castle, for instance, is just one fantastic example of a great place to visit and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped right onto the pages of a book as you explore the various towers and turrets of this patchwork castle. Malbork Castle is another excellent choice for a day trip or even just a quick visit. Here, you’ll be able to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site and get a sense of what life in Poland was like all those years ago. Another element of Poland that has to be experienced on a seven day trip here is its turbulent and tragic past. Visit sites and memorials to the victims of the holocaust, such as the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. As you move on around the country, your next stop should be the city of Krakow with its medieval elements, palaces and churches as well as trendy, upbeat neighbourhoods such as Kazimierz, the old jewish quarter. Warsaw is also well worth a visit to see the incredible royal palaces here as well as to enjoy the excellent food, cool bars, galleries and atmosphere.

What to do in one week

With such a rich and fascinating history, some of Poland’s attractions are best explored with a guide who will be able to tell you tales and anecdotes about each place you see. Start with the unique and jaw-dropping Wieliczka Salt Mine, which now resembles a kind of underground palace complete with the original tunnels as well as chapels, chambers, underground lakes and tours that can be themed to suit visitors of any age. Poland also has a lot to offer active travellers, keen to see some of the country on foot or by bike. Visit the Bialowieza Forest and Morskie Oko for some of the best views around and to appreciate the feeling of being totally surrounded by the natural world.

Best time to travel to Poland for a week

As with most of its other European neighbours, Poland is a year-round destination. When you choose to travel, however, will depend on what you would like to do and see during your one week tour of Poland. The busiest times to visit are usually those which coincide with local and with European school holidays, with the summer months being the peak season for visiting tourists. During the winter the weather can become very cold, which is not a problem if you plan on visiting the cities or towns (as long as you remember to pack suitable cold weather gear).

When to go in Poland?

The best time to visit Poland is between May and October. The beaches are packed during July and August, so if you're hoping for some peace and quiet it's best to go during May/June or September/October. Plus the weather's pleasant at these times of year. If you're heading to the mountains, bear in mind that, whatever time of year, it rains a lot and without warning!
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