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One week in Greenland

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A one week tour to Greenland is a fantastic way to rediscover nature and to escape from the stresses of daily life whilst exploring a beautiful location that is unlike any other. Greenland’s incredible landscapes and natural sites make it a unique location and its relatively unspoilt terrain means it is often a top choice with nature lovers and adventurers alike. The icy wonderland makes up for temperature in its pure beauty and the eclectic mixture of glaciers, fjords and towns mean that you’ll have plenty to explore. Take a self-drive tour, stay in the city or book a boat cruise off the coast to take in all that Greenland has to offer during your one week tour.

Best things to see and do for one week in Greenland

What to see in one week

One week in Greenland wouldn’t be complete without seeing a few of its towns and cities. Smaller locations such as Ilulissat let you see not only the cool streets, galleries and museums but also icefjords, icebergs and coastal areas. Ilulissat is also home to Disko Bay, a stunning bay where you can see the Northern Lights during the evening, as well as whales and polar bears. The capital city of Nuuk is another phenomenal place to see a mixture of city and wilderness. Visit a gallery or museum before visiting a fjord or heading offshore to go whale watching or to attempt to spot a polar bear.

What to do in one week

Greenland is the perfect place for active travellers looking for an incredible adventure in a totally new environment. Go hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Sisimiut or Tasiilaq and take on a real challenge as you cross difficult terrain, seeing some of Greenland’s unforgettable spots along the way. This hiking may be tough but it will be well worth it for the amazing rewards that you will get for your efforts. Greenland’s wildlife has adapted to this unique environment over millions of years and a wildlife safari is an amazing way to see as many species as possible during a one week tour, as well as to learn all about each one. Ittoqqortoormiit is just one place to see some of Greenland’s most amazing wildlife and it is just as incredible as it is unpronounceable, making it an unmissable stop during your one week Greenland tour. After all that adventure, unwind in a luxury hotel and enjoy the breathtaking Aurora Borealis or Greenland’s natural hot springs, such as those in Uunartoq to feel rejuvenated before you return home.

Best time to travel to Greenland for a week

Choosing when to go to Greenland depends entirely on what you want from your holiday. Generally speaking, the summer is the best time to visit, since it avoids the extreme temperatures of the winter months and makes many of the country’s sites more accessible. If you are planning a self-drive trip then you should certainly visit during the warmer months, to avoid issues with icy roads and higher cost of renting a car. The summer in Greenland is short and falls between Mid June and August. Most visitors will arrive during this peak time and may find that availability for accommodation and activities is reduced unless they book well in advance.

When to go in Greenland?

The best period to go to Greenland is short: we advise you to go between June and August, the island's high season. You will be (a little) less cold in the North, and will able to make the most of the only moment where the South is not iced over. Don't be too scared of the cold though: as Greenland's climate is so dry, low temperatures are not paralysing.
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