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Greenland Travel Guide

Best places to visit in Greenland

Greenland is an immense land, and it is not easy to know from where to begin the discovery of this country. The itinerary of a trip to Greenland is not to be improvised , particularly because of weather conditions. One word describes the Greenlander way of life: Immaqa, maybe. We do not know what tomorrow will bring, tomorrow depends on the ice, tomorrow depends on the sea, tomorrow depends on nature. Greenland is a wild land.

Depending on what time of year you decide to go to Greenland, you will walk under polar day or polar night, in summer or in winter. To help you choose your stops in keeping with the season and your wants, Evaneos Travel travellers give you their opinions and advice here.

The capital Nuuk is a surprising town : capital of 16 000 inhabitants, a town of council housing estates and a shopping centre on the edge of a frozen ocean. Greenland's history museum is not to be missed.

For its part, Kangerlussuaq is the country's main point of entry , to take a domestic flight or go on a hike along the shores of the very long fjord (118 ml!) that starts from the Davis Strait. You must not miss Ilulissat either, the landing place for travellers wishing to explore Disko Bay and western Greenland.

Farther up north, Qaanaaq, one of the world's northernmost villages, is where the Inuits make a living from fishing and hunting. Few travellers venture this far north. Even more extreme, those who seek complete isolation can attempt to venture (with a guide, best to be prudent) on to the icecap.

Greenland reveals itself to those travellers who take the time to discover its culture and riches. Do not hesitate to skim through the articles that follow!