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Oqaatsoq (Greenland)

Practical information about Oqaatsoq

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4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
An hour's boat ride from Ilulissat
When to go
From June to September
Minimum stay
Half a day

Reviews of Oqaatsoq

Laurence Fischer Travel writer
7 travel articles

Situated in a little corner to the north of Ilulissat, Oqaatsoq is an authentic Greenland village.

My suggestion:
Situated 15 km to the north of Ilulissat, Oqaatsoqis worth a visit if you are exploring the Disco Bay during a trip to Greenland, to experience the real way of life of the Inuit.

Oqaatsoq is a charming but very isolated colourful village, on the coast of Greenland. In winter it can only be reached by helicopter.

Wander amongst the fish and musk ox drying on lines while their heads on palettes.

45 People live in Oqaatsoq. You can spend a few hours - or more- in Oqaatsoq. The inhabitants of this little village are open to visitors. Within the village you can find handicrafts. A lovely fifteen kilometre hiking trail links Oqaatsoq to Ilulissat. 

If, like me, you get there by boat, take the time to admire the coast around Oqaatsoq and keep an eye out: there are lots of whales in the icy waters of the bay of Disko.

Oqaatsoq is a fishing village with 45 inhabitants