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When you visit Corsica, you will immediately understand why it is known as the ‘Isle of Beauty’. With rocky coastlines, green mountains and pristine beaches, Corsica’s natural beauty is, quite simply, breathtaking. However, the island also abounds in human treasures and a vibrant local culture: mouth-watering cuisine and picturesque mountainside villages will leave no traveller disappointed. Discover how Corsica uniquely combines the peaceful Mediterranean lifestyle with untouched natural resources. Immerse yourself in sophistication among the yachts and rows of palm trees at a high-end beach resort in Calvi or Ajaccio. Then travel just a few kilometers away to find yourself in the middle of an unspoiled landscape, on an isolated beach or on a narrow mountain trail. Corsica also has a rich and varied historical heritage with its high mountain villages, fortified ports and Genoese towers that line the coast. Whether you are looking for a camping adventure, orhiking in the great outdoors (the GR20 immediately springs to mind!), water sports, or just a lazy day on the beach, Corsica has it all.

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Guide to travelling in Corsica

Here are some ideas for routes around Corsica. One aspect to bear in mind is the rugged terrain of the Island; this means that there is a network of winding roads; In other words, getting around Corsica takes a bit longer than elsewhere! Be sure to visit at least one of the island’s two main towns; Bastia in the North and Ajaccio in the South. They offer two very different perspectives: one is an industrial town with a military history whilst the other, displaying its Napoleonic heritage at every turn, offers the joys of the seaside. Calvi, with its magnificent fortress overlooking a stunning semi-circular bay and glamorous marina is another must-see area. But, whatever you do, do not miss out on going to the extreme south of the Island opposite Sardinia to the town of Bonifacio which sits up high on spectacular limestone cliffs draping above the sea. It’s one of Corsica’s gems! Beyond the cities, the island also has more than 1000 kilometres of varied and breathtakingly beautiful coastlines. Although, of course, you could just do what most visitors do; take the most obvious route and travel round the whole Island!

When to go in Corsica?

The best period for visiting Corsica is between May and September. The weather is sunny and warm and the water is pleasant until September. If you are going walking, you will appreciate the months of May, June and September: it's not too hot and the island is less crowded. Travellers who want to swim and enjoy the warm water will prefer the months of July and August. You can also go there in April or October, which are pleasant months for a visit. The only time to avoid is between November and March when the island isn't very lively.
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We arrived in Calvi Sunday evening and found a great place for dinner at the marina. Our hotel was very nice and the location was excellent. We did a boat ride to the Scandola nature reserve one day. It was OK, but I wish we'd taken a smaller boat that could go in and out of the caves. One day we drove up to Notre Dame. The views were gorgeous. On Wednesday morning we drove to Bonifacio. Our friends went diving that afternoon while we enjoyed the beach. Thursday we chose to relax on the beach again and then visited the Citadelle/old town. We really enjoyed that. The hotel in Bonifacio was beautiful.
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Bonifacio was one of the main highlights of this trip because of its citadel and history. The museum in Bastia was excellent as the first stop because it provided the explanations and setting for the rest of the trip. The national parks and forests also were highlights with some areas reminding us of our own national parks in North America. The animals were also delightful because they seemed to want to communicate with us whenever we stopped and let them have the 'right of way'.
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