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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Albania

For just the last few years, the country has been on the brink of becoming an important European touristic destination. A little like what happened for Croatia, going on a trip to Albania should become less and less rare and more and more fashionable. Albania, with its Mediterranean climate, is very pleasant.
As far as clothes go, dress over there as you would back home. It can be very hot in summer (up to 40°C) and as this is best season to enjoy the beautiful beaches, you will need light clothes to tolerate these temperatures. Do not go to the beach on the Adriatic coast without your loveliest swimsuit. Protruding muscles and mini-bikinis are a must to show off.
In your medicine kit you must of course take along the basic medication to see to every day cuts and bruises. Add to this a mosquito repellent and a good suntan lotion. It would be a real pity to remain confined to your room the rest of your stay treating a bad case of sunburn. It is always better to suntan in all safety. Plan to take along a tube of E45 Cream to relieve sunburn, should this prove insufficient.
So that you can show your circle what a magnificent country Albania is, take along a camera or camcorder and enough memory cards to store all the pictures. Rather than walking about with too much money on you, it is always more prudent and useful to have your credit card with you. It will be indispensable for withdrawing money and paying for your various purchases.
Hurry up getting your suitcase packed and go and discover an Albania that is still spared mass tourism. It should not be long before this destination follows the same touristic development plan as Croatia.

To pack in one's suitcase

  1. a torchlight in case of electric power cuts
  2. a camera or camcorder to keep lovely souvenirs
  3. Your credit card for making withdrawals and payments
  4. A photocopy of your identity papers
  5. A good suntan lotion to tan in all safety
  6. A mosquito repellent
  7. A medicine kit to treat every day cuts and bruises
  8. Your best swimsuit in which to show off on the beach
  9. Light clothes to tolerate the temperatures
David Debrincat
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