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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of Asia's most popular destinations. It's a fascinating country and there's so much on offer that what you pack will largely depend on what you plan to do.

First of all, what clothes should you pack for a trip to Vietnam? Bear in mind that the southern parts of the Mekong Delta are scorching but, at the same time, the mountains to the north can be glacial and snowy. So you'll need lightweight clothes for the south and warm ones for the north. A swimsuit is also essential if you want to make the most of your time in the stunning Ha Long Bay. If you're planning to visit temples and religious sites, then you must cover your arms and legs. Pack a good pair of walking shoes for comfortable hikes along the country's many trails.  

Take a medical kit with basic medicines and supplies. Other essentials are a good sunscreen and an insect repellent to keep those mosquitoes at bay.

To record all your memories, don't forget your camera or camcorder. Make sure you have enough memory sticks and take an electrical adaptor if necessary. Don't forget your bank/credit card to withdraw money, a copy of your passport in case of loss and your International Driving Licence if you plan on hiring a vehicle.

Finally, as Vietman is culturally very different from the UK, you'll need to pack an open mind.

Things to pack

  1. An open mind and sense of adventure - you'll be entering a different world
  2. International Driving Licence so you can drive there
  3. A camera/camcorder plus adaptor/charger
  4. A torch in case of power cuts
  5. A bank/credit card to withdraw money
  6. A copy of your passport in case of loss
  7. An insect repellent - the mosquitoes are bloodthirsty!
  8. Sunscreen to protect against the scorching rays.
  9. A basic medical/first aid kit
  10. Good walking shoes
  11. A swimsuit for when you visit Mekong or Ha Long Bay.
  12. Long sleeved shirts and trousers for visiting religious sites
  13. Warm clothes for the cold, northern mountain air
  14. Lightweight clothes for the tropical south
David Debrincat
459 contributions