One week in the USA

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Start planning your one week tour to the USA

Travelling across the Atlantic may be a long trip but you’ll love your week long tour to the USA so much that you’ll never want to leave this amazing place. Here you’ll find the perfect mixture of adventure, natural beauty, history and vibrant cities, meaning there will be something for every visitor, no matter their tastes, preferences or trip requirements. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime in the USA: The Land of the Free.

Best things to see and do for one week in the USA

What to see in one week

A one week trip to the USA would be incomplete without a trip to see New York and world renowned sites such as The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and Freedom Tower. Get a sense of the culture here and the famous melting pot of nationalities that make up this incredible city. San Francisco is another city with a totally different ethos and atmosphere. See the Golden Gate Bridge and relax in the cool cafés and bars that can be found on every street corner. Moving out of the city, The Grand Canyon is a must-see and you will never forget the experience of standing on the edge of this magnificent formation and looking out over the surrounding plains. If classic sites are what you’re after then visit Sequoia National Park, which has to be seen to be believed. For a more unusual visit, go to see Alcatraz Island and learn about the prison that was once in operation here as well as hear tales of the inmates on a guided tour. The USA has so much to see that it would be impossible to list all of the best sites, wherever you go you’ll be able to find endless interesting activities.

What to do in one week

With so many choices of activity and such a large area to cover, deciding what to do during a one week tour of The USA can be a daunting prospect. A themed tour is a great way of working out an itinerary and getting the most out of your time here. For instance, why not go on a National Park tour, visiting places such as Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park or Yellowstone? For those travelling with children, or simply for those looking to relive a bit of their childhood, visit Disney World or Universal Studios for a jam packed day of rides, adrenaline and immersion into your favourite films. To enjoy some fine food and wine, visit the famous Napa Valley where you can indulge in wine tasting and relax during your one week itinerary. Culture and history lovers should not miss a trip to Washington D.C. where you can see The White House as well as visit The Smithsonian Museum, with interactive and educational exhibits on American History and current events. Adventure lovers can ski during the Winter and Easter months in Breckenridge or Squaw Valley, where the views will blow you away as you enjoy the alpine air and range of slopes. During the summer, canoeing, cycling, hiking and horse riding can be enjoyed all over The USA.

Best time to travel to the USA for a week

Since the USA is so large, the weather can be extremely variable in different parts of the country and so when you decide to visit will depend entirely on where you plan on going during your trip. Generally speaking, the USA is a year round destination meaning no matter when you decide to plan your trip to the USA, you won’t have to worry too much about the climate. During the winter, some places can become extremely cold, especially in the North and so you may want to consider avoiding this time if you don’t want to have to think about coats and other cold weather gear. In the South, especially along the border with Mexico, the summer weather can become too hot during the midday hours. The peak months are those on which school holidays fall and during these times you may have to book more in advance for accommodation and activities. Whenever you decide to visit, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable trip to the United States.

When to go in USA?

Discover the American Dream in an unusual continent. Given that the country is so varied and its different regions are all as amazing as the others, you will see more fascinating cities and unbelievable landscapes than in any other part of the world. Most tourists embark on a trip to the USA during the summer, but this is when Americans go on holiday too: make the most of the spring and the autumn and go to North America. Since the country is so vast, you should get information on the region you plan on visiting as the climate can differ between places.
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