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Best places to visit in USA

Surely, you've all seen the towering skyscrapers of New York or even Chicago. You've been lost in the meandering Grand Canyon or the lunar landscapes of Death Valley. Are you attracted to these places? That's normal, because these are must-see places in the United States, that will shake up your traveller's senses.

But the United States is much more than that, of course. Each state has a characteristic that is all its own, a spirit, a culture, the people, all which make each time you cross the border from one state to the next a new travel experience with a change of scenery. Through reviews and articles, the community of Evaneos travellers gives you the keys to finding the places that fit you best during your travel to the United States.

Do you dream of seeing these large expanses of desert and driving across them behind the wheel of a Cadillac? Come and lose yourself in Wyoming - this immense paradise is home to, among others, Yellowstone National Park, which will allow you to reconnect with nature. Fans of wide open spaces and hiking will also find what they're looking for in the many national parks of California.

Or maybe you're a fan of good music and soul food. New Orleans opens its arms to you, and we even recommend the best time of year to enjoy the street festivals! The capital, Washington, DC will appeal to art lovers with an impressive option of museums to visit, in addition to getting rather close to the President of the United States. Or do you just want to bask in the sun and enjoy some beautiful beaches? Florida and Miami await you.

Whether you're planning a cultural or architectural trip, or you'd rather discover the resplendent flora and fauna, you will find everything you want in the United States. 

Marie Foucaut
Niagara Falls are a major tourist attraction shared between the USA and Canada and offer an incredible natural spectacle. They are not to missed under any circumstances!

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