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One week in Portugal

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Portugal has everything that you could possibly want from a one week tour; history, culture, relaxation and adventure. Let your hair down on a beach in the south, or learn a new skill in Lisbon as you enjoy local food, music and art. Challenge yourself with an active holiday of walking, kayaking, horse riding and much more. Whatever you want from your trip, Portugal is where you’ll find it. Visit to see for yourself what makes this beautiful place so special.

Best things to see and do for one week in Portugal

What to see in one week

One week in Portugal is the perfect amount of time to get to see some of the most amazing sites on offer. Why not take a tour of some of the country’s best historical sites? Start of with a visit to Belém Tower, a medieval fortified tower that is sure to capture the imagination of every visitor. Next, Pena Palace, a sixteenth century palace places on a high rock and overlooking stunning parkland. Jerónimos Monastery is a great choice for anyone, since not only is it a historical site in itself, but it is also home to an archaeology museum and a maritime museum. The Castle of the Moors makes for one last amazing historical stop off and this tenth century clifftop Moorish castle will make you feel as though you’ve travelled back in time. Now, it’s time to see Portuguese natural beauty at its finest and at Praia de Rocha you will see just that, with the white sand, clear waters and impressive rock formations. Cape St Vincent, the southernmost point of Portugal is another stunning location and the perfect place to admire the beauty of the natural world.

What to do in one week

Portugal’s range of scenery and landscapes make it an amazing place for an active seven day trip. Hike, cycle, ride or kayak around national parks such as Cabo da Roca, where you can see the view out over the ocean from an old lighthouse viewpoint. Explore a nature reserve complete with wolves and prehistoric remains at Peneda-Genés and see Portugal as it was hundreds of years ago. Why not visit Lisbon to get a taste of Portuguese city life as you explore the older districts as well as the more modern areas, complete with cool bars, restaurants and shops? Take a cookery course to learn some new skills to take home with you. Finally, head south to enjoy some time in the sun in the beautiful region of the Algarve where you can also taste some of the local wines before exploring beaches, caves and forests.

Best time to travel to Portugal for a week

Portugal, like most of Europe, is a year-round destination. During the summer, the southern parts of the country can become extremely hot, meaning that the midday heat can be too much for some. For active holidays, or for those who prefer to stay a little cooler, visit during the spring or autumn months. During school holidays, some popular tourist spots can become crowded and so it can be a good idea to book a little further in advance to avoid disappointment. Whenever you decide is the best time to visit Portugal for your seven day itinerary, you will never want your time here to end.

When to go in Portugal?

The climate in Portugal is temperate and very comfortable. So there's no ideal time of year for a trip to Portugal: temperatures are favourable all year round. All the same, it's more pleasant to travel there in Spring or Autumn. In truth, winter can be cold inland, and summer is very hot almost everywhere. To make the most of this temperate country, then, we advise you travel in mid-season. The Algarve region, the furthest South in the country, can definitely be visited all year round. It offers splendid beaches, and temperatures never fall below 10 degrees!
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