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Trip review

T & N
T & N
loved their trip to Madagascar

Thank you for recommending Linah to plan our trip through Madagascar for six weeks this autumn. They did an outstanding job and we were delighted with their arrangements. The driver-guides we were assigned were absolutely indispensable – we could not have done any of our excursions or activities without their knowledge and guidance. We appreciate all the hard work done by the extraordinary Dida during our first few weeks traveling about the east, central and west; by thoughtful caring Lala in the west, and by Francke in the north region. The driving conditions in Madagascar are very bad, full of distractions, diversions, sandy roads, dirt tracks, gravel scree, carts of all descriptions, trucks, pedestrians, taxis, bicycles, rickshaws, herds of livestock, rivers, ferries and more: yet our drivers proceeded through all those conditions with patience and skill. They answered our hundreds of questions about all we were seeing and doing, about life in Madagascar, the country’s history, politics, culture, language, traditions, foods, plants, animals, and more. All in OUR language, English! Their skills, advice, and language abilities facilitated numerous interactions we had and literally saved us on a daily basis from harm, mistakes and embarrassment. Small gestures they did made a big impact on us: for example, when I fell on a hike and injured my leg, Dida went to extra effort to arrange (in a very remote place) for me to have an ice bag to help reduce the swelling. After miles of dusty silty sandy roads, Lala would wipe down with a damp towel our luggage before handing it to us and also wipe clean the interior of the car and have water waiting for our dusty journey the next morning. Mid-way through our six week journey, Madagascar had an outbreak of the plague. Linah met with us to let us know of the situation, its location (distant from our excursion’s planned routes), the methods the authorities were using to curtail the outbreak, and tips for avoiding exposure. We were grateful for the information but felt it had no bearing on our planned routes, high-end (not primitive) accommodations, and activities. We appreciated her diligence in informing us and giving us the option to change the remaining stops on our itinerary.
Trip Details
As a couple
14 September 2017
Trip type

Trip customised with a local travel agent in the destination

T & N
T & N
27 October 2017
Best parts:
We are grateful for the efforts of Linah and her team, referred to us by Evaneos Travel. The itinerary they created for us perfectly matched our interests and abilities and exceeded our expectations on every aspect. We experienced a wide range of landscapes and activities, at a pace which included a nice mix of some busy days and other slower days to relax. At many of the accommodations it seemed we were assigned the best bungalow/tent/cabin available: biggest in size, well-located on the lodge property, and featuring the best unobstructed views of lakes, seashores, forests, mountains, canyons, etc. The accommodations were nicer than we had expected; with hard-working attentive staff and excellent food/menus from which to choose. The trip to Madagascar was, as the common phrase goes, “a trip of a lifetime” which exceeded all of our expectations! We did things and went places we had previously only read about, enjoying them thoroughly. With Linah’s experience and recommendations, we also did things and went places we never dreamed of. We are deeply appreciative of the efforts on our behalf by Linah and her team (referred to us through Evaneos Travel).
Agency's comment
Hi Tim and Nancy, I have well received your feedback and again thank you so much for your trust in our organization and services. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life! Warm regards fro...Hi Tim and Nancy, I have well received your feedback and again thank you so much for your trust in our organization and services. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life! Warm regards from Madagascar! LinahSee more
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