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An update from Evaneos

Naxos (Greece)

Practical information about Naxos

  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • Island
4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
35 minutes from Athens by plane
When to go

All year round

Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Naxos

Laure Alvarez Travel writer
44 travel articles

The mountainous island of Naxos is the largest and highest in the Cyclades chain, which lies in the Aegean Sea. It has a range and variety of impressive panoramic views and a fascinatingly intriguing mythological dimension to offer.

My suggestion:
Visit and explore Naxos during the Easter festivities, when the local inhabitants eat the special dish "Patouda" (Easter lamb), which is prepared using wild herbs and takes several hours to cook.

What I really liked about the island of Naxos was the aura of mystery the place exudes. It is said, for example, that Zeus spent his childhood here, and that this is where Theseus abandoned Ariadne, who was then retrieved by Dionysus (who is also supposed to have been born on this island). Be sure to take some time to find out more about the history of the island and learn about the fascinating myths and legends associated with it.

Naxos, the highest point of which is just under 3,300 ft above sea level, continues to attract visitors in increasing numbers. The architectural heritage and picturesque landscapes and scenery the island has to offer, however, make the visit here well worth the trip. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the Venetian style architecture and the chiseled, abrupt appearance of the mountains. Naxos makes for a pleasant place to visit and spend some time during a trip to Greece. Additionally, the fertile countryside here presents a landscape replete with numerous vegetable patches, olive groves and orchards.

View of Naxos