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Pereira (Colombia)

Practical information about Pereira

  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Culture (paddy field, coffee, tea ...)
3 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
Nine hours from Bogotá by bus
When to go
From January to March
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Pereira

Laure Alvarez Travel writer
44 travel articles

Pereira is a city located in the "EJe Cafetero" coffee-growing region of Colombia and capital of Risaralda.

My suggestion:
While you're in Pereira, take the opportunity to visit a coffee farm and learn about the different stages in its production and manufacture.

Aesthetically speaking, I don't find Pereira has much of interest to offer. However, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Poverty is worth a visit (be sure to take a look at the architecture inside), as is the naked statue of Simon Bolívar, which stands in a square that also carries his name! 

Be sure to try some the delicious buñuelos (small buns filled with cheese) at "casa de los buñuelos".

I also strongly recommend visiting one of the farms or coffee cooperatives located just outside Pereira. Several of the small coffee producers open their premises to tourists and are happy to teach visitors about the different stages involved in coffee production: harvesting, depulping, fermenting, washing, drying, and even roasting.
After the tour, you'll have the chance to enjoy an excellent coffee made from freshly ground beans, and you'll be able to purchase some yourself directly from the producer! This is surely one of the essential things to do when visiting Colombia's coffee-growing region on a trip to the country wouldn't you agree? Something to note: a "tinto" is a coffee here, not a red wine like in Spain!

Coffee cherries on the bush
Caroline Gourmaud Travel writer
221 travel articles

The capital of the Colombian department of Risaralda, Pereira is one of the three cities that make up the country's Coffee Triangle (Triángulo del Café), the other two being Armenia and Manizales.

My suggestion:

Coffee is not the Pereira region's only speciality. Try the local sopa de guineo: a delicious soup made from plantain, avocado, rice and minced beef.


Pereira is a city with a population of 400,000 located between Armenia and Manizales in central Colombia. In addition to a handful of places and sites, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Poverty and Plaza de Bolívar, and its nightlife, the city is also famous for its coffee plantations; in fact Pereira actually makes up part of Colombia's coffee-growing region.

If you want to learn about coffee production, I recommend visiting Finca Don Manolo a few kilometres outside Pereira. Don Manolo and his wife will be delighted to explain the different stages involved in the coffee manufacturing process to you, from the plantations right through to the finished drink in your cup. Their warmth, hospitality and friendliness deserve a special mention: the reputation of the Colombian people is certainly well deserved!

Touring the coffee plantations is one of the essential things to do when visiting Colombia. Don't forget to bring a few packets of the exquisite and authentic coffee they produce here back with you. It bears no relation to what you get at your local Starbucks!

Colombian coffee