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Tierradentro (Colombia)

Practical information about Tierradentro

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4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
6hrs by bus from Popayan
When to go

All year round

Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Tierradentro

Travel writer
11 travel articles

Tierradentro or 'the land within' merits its name - a superb walk in the heart of Colombia combined with visits to subterranean tombs...

My suggestion:
If you plan to explore the Tierradentro Archaeological Park, make sure you wear good walking shoes, stock up on water and don't forget your torch!

Tierradentro is known for its incredible tombs, used as the final resting place for members of ancient civilisations. During the 1950's, explorers discovered these amazing burial chambers and turned the site into a superb archaeological park.

This huge park is made up of several parts. We toured Tierradentro in a day, but I recommend you split it in to two visits: you can only reach the different parts on foot and by the end of the day we were knackered!

Having climbed up along a track, we arrived at the top of a hill with amazing views across a magnificent valley. Large, stone statues were on display. We were then led to the first set of tombs in this archaeological park. With torch in hand, our guide showed us the entrance and took us down an immense flight of stairs that lead to a subterranean tomb. We were blown away by the sight that lay before our eyes. The rest of the tour led us from one colourful tomb to another, each one decorated with impressive sculptures. There were so many, we didn't by any means manage to see them all.

After our morning's visit, we headed down to the nearest village to eat lunch and see its two museums. We were a bit disappointed, as we expected to learn a lot about the tombs and how the dead were buried. There was a brief explanation, but most of the museum was dedicated to the region's agricultural economy and indigenous history.

To finish off our day, we completed our tour of the park by heading to Aguacate, a huge mountain with stunning views from its summit. Some tombs have been abandoned, so you'll need to dig out your torch to see their motifs and colours.

If you love archaeology and nature, then Tierradentro's the one for you.

A tomb in Tierradentro
Tierradentro Valley