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Qingman (China)

Practical information about Qingman

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Reviews of Qingman

Clara Favini Travel writer
98 travel articles

The little Miao village of Qingman, about 20 kilometers from Kaili in Guizhou province, is one of the most picturesque in the region.


It's a nice place to stop as part of a tour through southern China, to discover ethnic minority villages.

Qingman is different from other villages because of its traditional houses which are built in ordered rows, and its inhabitants' clothes, woven and dyed by hand using traditional techniques. The village is famous for these clothes, which are embroidered and decorated with jewels, and especially for the women's skirts. There are colorful and lively traditional festivals at Qingman several times a year (dances, songs, fights, animal sacrifices, etc.).

Take advantage of being in Qingman or Kaili to go for a walk, alone or accompanied by a local guide, to explore the surrounding villages and countryside. You will take some beautiful memories home with you!

The province of Guizhou