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An update from Evaneos

Trip review

loved their trip to Brazil

I would not recommend Air France to anyone even though there is a price advantage. The service is absolutely lousy and the flight attendants are extremely impolite. On reaching Sao Paulo we were, although we had booked for private transport, picked up by my partner's brother. She is of Brazilian stock. Hotel was excellent but we did not see much of Sao Paulo because we met family only. Iguazu was absolutely wonderful and the falls are really something. Manaus was good and our sojourn at the camp in the Amazon region was lovely. By the way in Manaus we had lunch at a very dodgy looking small restaurant but I have never had such excellent fish as I had there. 10 out of 10 for this restaurant. Rio was lovely and the tour guide Alain was extremely helpful and here too we were taken to the places Mariza, my partner, wanted to go to. Shopping was top on her list and Alain satisfied her wishes, Buzios is a charming place and I am actually thinking of relocating to Buzios. Will be going to Buzios again on Saturday December 3rd and back on 19th and this time on BA (best always) or BA (bloody awful) I choose the former. I wonder whether you could help when I think of relocating.????
Trip Details
As a couple
21 September 2016
Trip type

Trip customised with a local travel agent in the destination

12 October 2016
Best parts:
Thoroughly enjoyable apart from two or three glitches. 01. We arrived in Manaus at past midnight and there was no one to pick us up and take us to the hotel. We ultimately took a taxi but were refunded by the travel agent for the taxi. Hassle! 02. Although I had requested 5 star hotels throughout my trip in Buzios we were put in a very basic hotel and had to relocate to a better hotel. The agent has now paid R$ 2'000.00 as a compensation which of course does not cover the cost of the hotel where I relocated to. 03. I had booked my flights on business class and the service GOL is nothing to talk about. I understand that there is not business class on GOL but the first few seats are priority seats and no such seats were allocated to us. having said this I would say that our trip to Brazil was really good and comfortable.
Worst parts:
- GOL tickets business should be priority - Cars should be at airport on arrival. - If 5 star hotels are requested the complete trip should be in 5 star.
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