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One week in Armenia

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A week away in Armenia is the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone while enjoying the incredible sites that this stunning destination has to offer. Take a walking tour and enjoy the rustic scenery as you explore monasteries, lakes and castles, or stay in the city to see incredible museums and galleries as well as soaking up the local culture. Your itinerary will be filled with amazing sights and sounds as you explore, meeting welcoming people as you go and experiencing the best of Armenia.

Best things to see and do for one week in Armenia

What to see in one week

Armenia is the perfect destination for history lovers, with so many fascinating sites, ranging from prehistoric to more modern times. Above all, Armenia is known for its incredible monasteries and other religious sites and these should certainly be on your list of things to see during a one week tour of Armenia. Start at Lake Sevan, where you can enjoy sandy beaches and countless outdoor activities before visiting the beautiful monastery that has stood here for centuries. Next, visit Geghard, a monastery which is set into a canyon, with part of the structure being carved out of the rock face. Tatev Monastery is another must see site and will make for an incredibly picturesque visit as it is built at the very top of a cliff. Explore the three churches and the rest of the complex before enjoying a truly breathtaking view. Armenia’s incredibly array of historical sites is so large that a one week tour would not be enough time to appreciate the scale of the rich history that has unfolded here, were it not for the History Museum of Armenia, which is a fantastic option for those without a lot of time. Whilst its no match for exploring the sites themselves, it is a fantastic, interesting and interactive way to learn about the incredible events that have taken place here over the years.

What to do in one week

Visiting Armenia is an experience as unique as the things you will find here. Take a day trip to sites such as The Temple Of Garni, a 1st century classical Greek design which still stands today. Imagine life in the 1st Century as you wander around this feat of human engineering and marvel at its incredibly and beautiful structure. For active visitors, travel to Mount Aragats, a volcano with no less that four peaks as well as a stunning medieval fortress to reward those who decide to hike to the summit. Not only will you get to explore this fortress, you will also be greeted with some truly stunning views out over the rural countryside. A city tour is another must on any one week Armenia tour and with so many interesting things to do in such a small area, ts by far the best way to make the most out of your week here. Visit Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, to enjoy galleries, museums, restaurants and bars as well as visits to Victory Park, Republic Square, The Blue Mosque and many more incredible locations.

Best time to travel to Armenia for a week

Whenever you visit Armenia for your one week tour, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time, with each season offering a unique reason for visiting. Plan your trip to Armenia during the peak season (May to August) and you’ll be able to enjoy warm, sunny weather, the international film festival in July as well as an extreme sports festival on Lake Sevan in August. Visiting during these months also means, however, that you’ll be met with more crowds and less availability for accommodation and activities. During the winter, Armenia becomes fairly cold and snowy, meaning that winter sports are possible in places such as the ski resort at Tsakhkadzor and the cities, while cold, are even more beautiful under a layer of snow. Winter trips are also often a little cheaper, with less demand for accommodation and therefore, more choice on offer.

When to go in Armenia?

The best time to go to Armenia is during Autumn: it's not too hot or too cold, it doesn't rain and the days are long. Avoid going during the summer if you can't stand the heat, and the winters can be quite cold as well. During spring, flowers bloom everywhere but it's also always raining, so having a great trip is a question of luck!
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