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An update from Evaneos

Noravank’ (Armenia)

Practical information about Noravank’

  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Place or Religious Monument
  • Place or Historical Monument
5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
About 2hrs drive from Erevan
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
A few hours

Reviews of Noravank’

Timothée D. Travel writer
285 travel articles

A monastery situated in east of the country, Noravank is magnificent, thanks to its architecture and setting.

My suggestion:
As with the rest of the country, winter snowfall is sometimes very heavy and roads can get blocked. So you're better of going during the summer months.

During your trip to Armenia, you'll have to practise your patience if you want to visit the Noravank complex. After a long motorway drive, I then had to continue for a further 15-odd kilometres along a tiny, winding road that crossed an arid, mountainous landscape. I finally reached the end of the line to be greeted by Norovank's church. The sight of this magnificent monastery, perched on a plateau, surrounded by ominous mountains, made the journey worthwhile.

I really enjoyed exploring the site, in particular the Astvatsatsin Church, which forms part of the Noravank complex. You can climb an exterior staircase to reach its clock tower, where you'll find a stunning view of the surroundings.

The Noravank Monastery