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Island Holidays

Tailor-made island holidays, at local prices
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Island Getaways

Whether its a private Island where you can relax without seeing a single other traveller or a quirky Caribbean getaway where you can enjoy local food and music and meet local people, you’ll have plenty of choice. Cycle around the entire coast, discover the wildlife, learn about local traditions and history or relax in a luxury spa. No matter if you’re a couple, a family, a group of friends or a solo traveller, there’s an island to suit your needs. 

Where to go?

With over 100,000 Islands in the world there is a destination for every traveller, here are a few of our top picks…

Island Getaways for Nature Lovers

  • For those looking for an up-close encounter with indigenous animals, Madagascar and its resident lemurs are the perfect choice. Head to this stunning island to see its animal population in their natural habitat.
  • Since Darwin’s first journey there, The Galapagos has become synonymous with biodiversity and is a pilgrimage that every true nature lover must make once in a lifetime. See the world-famous giant tortoises, whales, birds, iguanas, seals, dolphins and so much more.

Island Getaways for Sports and Adventure

  • For active, adventurous travellers, Baliis the ideal destination. Give surfing a go in one of the many surf spots that this island has to offer. Hike over the volcanoes here, cycle along the coast or go on a yoga retreat.
  • The Philippines vast expanse of islands means that you can find whatever you are after within this huge area. Cycle around the islands, or discover its many sea caves, coves and incredible beaches by kayak. Snorkel or scuba dive in its crystal clear, blue waters.

Island Getaways for Culture and History

  • The ancient Grecian history of Cretemeans that there is so much to see here. Explore the ruins of ancient civilisations as well as the rich traditions that are still around today. The palace of Knossos is just one of the many must-see sites to visit before settling down with a glass of locally-made wine.
  • Learn all about Fijian culture and history in the midst of its white sandy beaches and tropical setting. Take a cooking lesson to learn how to cook traditional food using age old methods, or learn traditional crafts such as basket weaving, sulu tying or coconut husking from the locals.

Island Getaways for Spas and Relaxation

  • InSri Lanka, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, you can relax on white, sandy beaches that look a though they have been taken straight from a postcard. Relax in a traditional spa, enjoying flavourful, delicious food before visiting some of the country’s fascinating cultural sites or enjoying a relaxing meditation retreat in Talalla.
  • The famous hot springs of Iceland and its picturesque blue lagoon have put Iceland up there with some of the best Spa getaways in the world. Treat yourself to a day in the geothermal spa, using the natural mud here to cleanse yourself before relaxing in a hotel made entirely of ice and enjoying a view of the northern lights from the warmth of an outdoor hot tub.