Alert for travellers: Venezuela is currently undergoing a period of political instability and the government has temporarily recommended against travelling there. If you would nevertheless like to organise a trip to Venezuela, our hand-picked local expert can plan and book your itinerary for you.
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When to go in Venezuela?

The best time of year to visit Venezuela is from December to April, during the dry season. In the wet season, the heat can be suffocating and there can be lots of rainfall, making visits to the Amazon rainforest trickier than usual. The lowland areas, by contrast, experience little precipitation. You can therefore visit these places at any time of year.
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Traveller reviews of their trip to Venezuela

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Of the nearly 200 countries we have travelled through, we now rank Venezuela among the Top Ten destinations (alongside Brazil, China, Congo, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Madagascar, Mali, and Mongolia). The arduous journey to the base of Angel Falls, the spectacle of the 1km high Falls, the stay in the camp in the Orinoco Delta, the fabulous lightning phenomenon over Lake Maracaibo, the somewhat surreal nature of life in Venezuela (100,000 litres of petrol for one Euro is no joke), and the polite and charming people.
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I only had 8 days in Venezuela. I managed to go to Canaima national park to see Angel Falls and stay in some huts (similar to summer camps in the USA) on the Orinoco delta to see local ways of life. A very good experience.
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