The 5 reasons to go to in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, you will discover magnificent landscapes with steppes for as far as the eye can see. You will appreciate the kindness of the locals, the aroma of tea throughout the day, and the song escaping from the minarets, calling the faithful to prayer.
  1. 1
    Discover a little-known part of Asia
  2. 2
    Admire mysterious cities in the middle of steppes.
  3. 3
    Meet people with radiant smiles
  4. 4
    Treat your taste buds
  5. 5
    Blend magnificent landscapes with splendid architecture
1. Discover a little-known part of Asia
Uzbekistan is not a very popular tourist destination; quite often when we mention the famous "stan" countries, there is a little bit of apprehension. The region is often portrayed negatively in the media, which leads to a lot of stereotypes or even fear of going there.
However, it is safe there and the locals are very welcoming. Nevertheless, it is important to take the usual precautions, as in all countries. Don't miss out on this lovely opportunity to visit this surprisingly diverse country.
2. Admire mysterious cities in the middle of steppes.
Uzbekistan is situated at the heart of Central Asia, a region that is still little known to tourists. It is there that international trade was born with the emergence of the Silk Road. That was the beginning of the first trades between the caravans that traversed Europe and Asia. History buffs will be satisfied; Uzbekistan has kept beautiful treasures.
3. Meet people with radiant smiles
The Uzbek culture is a mix of Russian and Oriental cultures. Uzbek is the official language but Russian is the country's second most spoken language. Uzbekistan has some of the most beautiful Islamic architecture in the world; 88% of the population is Muslim. However, the years of Soviet communism caused a reduction in the practice of religion. Here, the inhabitants are welcoming and the encounters with them are beautiful.
4. Treat your taste buds
My favourite part of trips is the food... and you absolutely must discover the local cuisine during your trip to Uzbekistan. My advice is to go and try Uzbekistan's traditional dish, the famous "Plov" (Oriental rice pilaf); it's a real treat!
5. Blend magnificent landscapes with splendid architecture
Uzbekistan is fascinating. You will see remarkable buildings and architecture, you will become one with the magnificent landscapes, you will feel the heat of the desert wind, and you will appreciate the steppes that stretch for as far as the eye can see during long train journeys. The bravest will go all the way to the Aral Sea, which today is almost completely drained. Lastly, the most prestigious monuments in the Muslim world are waiting for you.
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Why go to in Uzbekistan?

During a trip to Uzbekistan, prepare to amass cultural and architectural discoveries in just a few days! If you don't like to visit towns and villages, one after the other, perhaps this destination isn't the most suitable for you...
We recommend if...
  • you're passionate about Islamic architecture
  • you love meeting the local people
  • you want to discover several UNESCO World Heritage towns
  • you like to feel safe
  • you avoid mass tourism
  • you love open spaces
  • you enjoy tackling another culture

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When to go in Uzbekistan?


The climate in Uzbekistan varies depending on whether you're in a desert or mountainous region. What's more seasonal temperature variations are very wide. Winters are harsh and summertime baking. It's best, therefore, to visit Uzbekistan during spring or fall. If you're heading to the plains, April to June and September to November are clement months. However, during these very same months, frequent and heavy rainfall hits the mountainous regions. Avoid March, the rainiest month of the year.

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Prepare for your departure to in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan is a country still little known to tourists. Here is some practical advice to help your prepare for your trip.

What documents to travel to in Uzbekistan?

European citizens must have a passport as well as a visa for all trips to Uzbekistan. To obtain one, you must go to the Uzbekistan embassy, make sure of and respect the dates shown on the visa. If your journey is longer than 72 hours you must register with the OVIR as soon as you arrive.

For more information, consult the government site.

The formalities for Canadians are the same for Europeans.

Health advice

Before you leave for a trip to Uzbekistantake out health and repatriation insurance. No vaccination is compulsory, but update your DTP vaccination. Other vaccinations such as hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever are recommended.

Avoid drinking tap water, and stick to closed bottled water. Also avoid eating uncooked or undercooked foods. Also wash your hands before every meal.

You must see your doctor before leaving and equip yourself with basic medicine. Indeed, on site you will have difficulty finding good medications if necessary.


The official language is Uzbek. Russian is spoken throughout the country as well as numerous local languages.

Time difference

There is a plus three hour time difference in summer or plus four hours in winter. When it's 11:00 in London it's 15:00 or 16:00 in Uzbekistan.

Phone and internet connection

Telephone code: 998. Favour communications in post offices where the tariff is lower than in hotels.

The easiest way to connect to the Internet is to go to your hotel or to any other hotel.. Indeed, very few cafés have broadband. Outside of hotels you will have difficulty connecting to the internet.


The power sockets are not the same in the UK as they are in Uzbekistan, so you will need an adaptor.

British Embassy in Uzbekistan

67, Gulyamov Street, 100000


Uzbekistan Embassy in Britain

1 Holland Park

London, W11 3RP

Tachkent International Medical Clinic (expatriate doctors and anglophone Uzbeks) : +998 71 2910142 / 2910726 / 1201120 / 1201144
Emergencies and weekend : +998 97 3364988