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Holidays in Uzbekistan

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Set Departure - The Magic of  the East
Approx. 11 daysFrom£780
Combined tours
Travel the Silk Road Along Five Stans
Approx. 20 daysFrom£2,680
A Tour of the Highlights
Approx. 10 daysFrom£980
Classic Tour - Discovering the Brillance of the Silk Road
Approx. 12 daysFrom£1,140
Combined tours
Highlights of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
Approx. 11 daysFrom£1,150
Journey to the Aral Sea
Approx. 10 daysFrom£1,170
Enjoying Legendary Uzbek Hospitality
Approx. 12 daysFrom£1,070
Combined tours
Highlights of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
Approx. 16 daysFrom£1,800
Crafts and Haberdashery
Approx. 13 daysFrom£1,130
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What to see and do in Uzbekistan

It is often a good idea to discover a place under the guidance of a native, who will be familiar with the little corners that give it its charm and fully understands the ways and customs of the local people, and this inside knowledge is almost indispensible in Uzbekistan. As English is very basic here (not much use as soon as you are out of Tashkent) and the natural riches and culture are most often situated in out-of-the-way places, the assistance of a local Evaneos Travel partner will prove invaluable. Having settled years ago in a country that they know like the back of their hand, all they want is to enable you to discover it! They will lead you beyond the beaten track and help you make your holiday a unique experience. In addition, did you know that it rains five times less often than it did 50 years ago and that the Aral Sea has dried up by three quarters during the same period of time? This is the setting for an environmentally responsible trip in all senses, and this is just what Evaneos Travel offers!

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