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Si Satchanalai

Si Satchanalai (Thailand)

Practical information about Si Satchanalai

  • Family
  • Countryside
  • Place or Religious Monument
  • Archaeological Site
  • Place or Historical Monument
  • Unesco World Heritage
4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
50 kilometers from Sukhothai by car
When to go
Between November and February
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Si Satchanalai

Romain Beuvart Travel writer
89 travel articles

Si Satchanalai is a Historical Park similar to the one at Sukhothai, 50 kilometers to the south, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site..

My suggestion:
You can rent a bike to visit the park which is probably too big to be seen on foot.

Everyone knows Sukhothai, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam and a destination which is almost systematically included in any journey around Thailand. But fewer people know about, or focus on, the other ancient city of the region, Si Satchanalai. This city is also a historical park with lots of ruined temples to visit.

You can see a certain similarity with Sukhothai but I also noticed some differences. I loved the temple ruins on a little hill behind Wat Chang Lom, (which is surrounded by a thick stand of trees filled with hundreds of birds).

Si Satchanalai is also famous for its pottery, so I went to see the museum which is dedicated to it. It's a little away from the Historical Park, in a village of potters, and is mostly a large excavation of the ancient manufacturing site and its old brick ovens. It was a bit disappointing and not indispensable, but I do encourage you to explore the region a bit - you'll be able to see old ovens and find typical Thai villages.

Temple at Si Satchanalai