The 6 reasons to go to in Thailand

Thailand is without a doubt the most popular destination for those looking to experience Asia for the first time. The country is easy to tour around and provides a very nice introduction to this so fascinating continent.
  1. 1
    Meet the ethnic groups of the northern mountains
  2. 2
    Sunbathe on heavenly beaches
  3. 3
    Meet some of the most adorable people you can imagine
  4. 4
    Experiencing Southeast Asia for the first time
  5. 5
    Sample the famous cuisine
  6. 6
    Explore an Asian megalopolis
1. Meet the ethnic groups of the northern mountains

The mountains in the north of the country are inhabited by various ethnic groups that you will get the chance to meet when undertaking a trek. They include the Lisu, the Hmong, the Karen, the Akha and the Lahu peoples.

2. Sunbathe on heavenly beaches

The defining image of Thailand is that of its heavenly beaches. And what they say about them is true: they are simply wonderful. Fine white velvety-soft sand, coconut palms, turquoise waters – the very epitome of delight. Make the dream a reality. There are beaches to suit all tastes. From party beaches such as those in Phuket to the famous Koh Lanta, and not forgetting the virtually deserted Koh Tarutao – it's simply up to you to choose whichever suits you best.

3. Meet some of the most adorable people you can imagine

Thailand might easily be referred to as the land of smiles. Its people are incredibly gentle and welcoming. You will be well received wherever you go. The way in which the Thai people are ready to do anything when it comes to assisting you or providing you with directions simply has to be seen.

4. Experiencing Southeast Asia for the first time

Any traveller will tell you the same thing: Thailand is the ideal destination for first-time visitors to Asia. Everything is easy here. They know how to treat tourists better in Thailand than anywhere else. Everything is in place to ensure visitors receive a warm welcome. Don't go looking on the map for anywhere else. A trip to Thailand is ideal for your first adventure.

5. Sample the famous cuisine

Thai cuisine enjoys a wonderful reputation. The fine combination of the sweet and the savory, the numerous specialties, the charm of the street stalls – there's always something to delight your taste buds, and without compromising your health.

6. Explore an Asian megalopolis

Bangkok is a huge city with dense crowds and pollution that at times peaks at high levels. Described like that, it's not exactly the stuff of dreams. However, Bangkok has a crazy charm that makes it impossible to resist. It has an incalculable amount of heritage to offer, and a single lifetime would not be enough to explore and experience it all. Bangkok is a city of stark contrasts, blending its darkest and most depraved sides with the beauty of its religious monuments and the gentleness of its way of life. 

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Why go to in Thailand?

A trip to Thahiland is ideal for first-time travellers to Asia, but less so for experienced travelers who might find the destination over-saturated with tourism.

We recommend if...
  • You want to meet the continent's most delightful and engaging people
  • You'd like to meet the indigenous people of the northern mountains
  • You enjoy the bittersweet taste of the world-famous, sophisticated cuisine
  • You want to get a suntan in a beach paradise
  • You're organizing your first trip to South East Asia
  • You enjoy traveling in a safe, secure environment with a good standard of comfort
  • You're looking for a destination where the prices are low
  • You dream of discovering Bangkok, the craziest of all of Asia's vast urban areas

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When to go in Thailand?

The best season to visit Thailand extends from November to March, when it rains much less than during the rest of the year. In addition, the largest local festivals take place during that time period. Avoid the rainy season, from July to October. Other precautions apply to different regions individually: avoid the center of the country between March and May, where temperatures can exceed 40 degrees and the heat becomes stifling. If you're heading for the northern mountains, the warm season between March and May, or the start of the rainy season, is better, because the temperatures are still pleasant. Whether lounging on spectacular islands or exploring royal cities, you'll be bowled over by Thailand, the former Kingdom of Siam with its abundance of cultural treasures. Head for this wonderfully welcoming country and discover its delicious cuisine.
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Prepare for your departure to in Thailand

Thailand is the most tourist-oriented country in Asia. Here is all the essential information you need to travel to this beautiful and attractive country.

What documents to travel to in Thailand?

British nationals must have a passport valid for at least six months after the date of entry. No visa is required for stays of less than 30 days.

Health advice

There are no mandatory vaccinations required, but make sure you have yourself immunized against Typhoid and Hepatitis A. It is also advisable to get vaccinated against rabies and Japanese encephalitis. 


The official language is Thai. English is spoken absolutely everywhere.

Time difference

Six hours ahead in summer and seven in winter. When it is 12:00 pm in Paris it will be 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm in Bangkok, depending on the season.

Phone and internet connection

International dialing code: +66

The internet is available absolutely everywhere. It is always possible to connect somewhere, whether in cybercafes, hotels, restaurants or bars.


The electricity supply is 220 volts, with US style plugs and sockets. So you will need to take an adapter with you.

Thai Embassy in the UK

29-30 Queen's Gate

South Kensington

London SW7 5JB

+44 20 7589 2944

British Embassy in Thailand

14 Wireless Road Lumpini

Panthum Wan

Bangkok 10330

Tel: +66 2 305 8333