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One week in Russia

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A one week visit to Russia is a dream come true for adventure lovers, culture lovers and history lovers, with so much to see and do wherever you go. With such a huge area, it’s no wonder that Russia has almost anything you could ever want from a week long trip, with winter sports, beaches, cities, islands, museums, national parks and so much more. Visit Russia on a tailor-made 7 day tour to see this amazing place for yourself.

Best things to see and do for one week in Russia

What to see in one week

Travellers interested in history will have an endless choice of amazing sights to see. Cathedrals, palaces, monasteries, incredible architecture and museums can all be seen across the country, with each one being totally unique. The styles of Russian architecture over the years mean that buildings are incredibly grand and colourful and well worth a visit. Saint Petersburg is perhaps the most famous choice of place to visit first of all and here you can see lavish palaces, the fascinating Armitage Museum or go to a ballet performance. Visit during the world-renowned White Nights Festival to see cultural offerings from Russia’s classical arts. Irkutsk is home to the stunning Epiphany Cathedral and Peterhof should be a must see for travellers looking to explore palaces, parks and gardens. The Winter Palace should be the next stop for people wanting to see Russian Architecture at its most impressive. If your sightseeing craving still isn’t satisfied, visit Pushkin, where you can find Catherine Palace and Alexander Palace.

What to do in one week

Any one week tour to Russia should start with a trip to Moscow to take in the sights and sounds for the big city. Moscow is home to well known tourist attraction such as Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and Lenin’s Mausoleum. Enjoy the culture as well as everything else that the city has to offer. Head out on the town to enjoy delicious food, cool bars and to meet some locals. Once you’ve had a taste of Russian city life, head on to Lake Baikal, which is the deepest and oldest lake in the world. It is also known for being the clearest lake in the world. Here you can enjoy hiking, to see some incredible views, winter sports and spot Russia’s wildlife. If winter sports are your thing, then visit Sochi to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sledding in the Caucasus Mountains. Adrenaline junkies will not want to miss out on a chance to visit Mount Elbrus. Whether you’re up for a climb or just want to take the cable car, you’ll be rewarded at the summit with unbeatable views over the surrounding area. End your trip with a wine tour of Anapa, where you can taste the produce as well as learn about the wine-making process.

Best time to travel to Russia for a week

When deciding the best dates for your 7 day itinerary in Russia, it can be difficult to reach a conclusion, since the country’s area is so vast, meaning that weather can vary throughout the year depending on location. Visitors during the summer months can expect mild weather in most locations, but should prepare themselves to encounter more tourists, with some popular sites becoming somewhat crowded. The winter months can be extremely cold, but as long as you prepare for this then it should not affect your trip in the slightest. City trips are the perfect choice for these colder winter months, since you can enjoy less crowded sites, while remaining relatively sheltered. Christmas is also an amazing time to visit, since orthodox christian celebrations are in full swing and Moscow puts on a Christmas festival that spans the months of December and January. The White Nights Festival in mid-summer is another popular choice, with St Petersburg coming to life with bustling crowds, attractions, exhibitions and spectacles.

When to go in Russia?

The climate of the largest country in the world is very cold in the north and east. Winters there are very cold and during the spring the melting snow makes for generally muddy conditions. So avoid travelling to Russia in the spring, it is far too muddy. The country is beautiful in autumn, when the colours of nature change and offer spectacular landscapes. And even if the winter is icy, it is the period when the country is at its most magical. The theatres are open and the vodka flows abundantly! Those who fear the cold will stick to the months of July and August, but beware if you don't like crowds: these are the busiest months!
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