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Hatun Cuyoc

Hatun Cuyoc (Peru)

Practical information about Hatun Cuyoc

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
Five hours from Huaraz by road then several days' walking, depending on your itinerary.
When to go
From April to October
Minimum stay
Longer than a week

Reviews of Hatun Cuyoc

Travel writer
181 travel articles

Campsite on the Huayhuash trek in the mountain range that shares its name, a few hours from Huaraz.

My suggestion:
Spend the night with your camera in your sleeping bag to prevent the battery running down too quickly. This is without any doubt a long and absolutely wonderful trek. You'll want to have a permanent record of every single day of it!

If you end up visiting Hatun Cuyoc, it means you're doing one of the most spectacular treks (if not the most spectacular) Peru has to offer. It also means you'll be spending quite a few days walking. I suspect, however, you won't want it to end, despite the chilly nights, cold showers and getting up at dawn each day!

As with just about every other moment of the hike, arriving at the Hatun Cayoc campsite will be a memorable experience. Firstly, because you will have reached your first mountain pass, 5000 metres up (I'll let you imagine the astounding beauty of the views for yourself), and you'll be happy to be able to finally set your rucksacks down. And because secondly, if you're following the same route as I did, it means you'll be facing another, equally high mountain pass (paso San Antonio) the following day, before then tackling the most difficult descent of the entire route. Luckily, however, the wonderful environment in which the campsite is located is conducive to rest and relaxation, thus guaranteeing you the chance you to recharge your batteries. There are little streams where you can wash your legs and feet, onsite toilets, and, most importantly of all, plenty of space available, which means you don't have to site your tent right next to your neighbour's (phew!!!), and all this against a backdrop offering a variety of yellow and green tones: paradise on earth!

Caroline Gourmaud Travel writer
221 travel articles

Hatun Cuyoc is a base camp in the Huayhuash Mountains.

My suggestion:
Bring warm clothing - the nights are cold.

We are already halfway through our trek in the Huayhuash Mountains when we reach the Hatun Cuyoc base camp. The day was really tiring - we climbed the Cuyoc Mountain up to an altitude of over 5,000 metres before coming back down a slope with many sharp drops. Fortunately, the magnificent glacial landscapes are helping us to forget our pain.

We reach Hatun Cuyoc before sunset. The setting is stunning, and by chance we are one of just two groups of trekkers there. After a good (cold) shower, it's time to have dinner. Tonight we're having spaghetti bolognese. We go to bed early to get our strength back. We have a long day ahead, climbing the San Antonio Mountain the next day.

Huayhuash Mountains