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Llanganuco (Peru)

Practical information about Llanganuco

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5 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
2hrs bus ride from Huaraz
When to go
From March to December
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Llanganuco

Travel writer
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The Llanganuco Lagoon is in the Huascaran National Park. It's stunning, albeit little known to tourists visiting Peru.

My suggestion:
The lagoon is 80km from the town of Huaraz. Take my word for it when I say it's one of the region's must-sees. Go out and expore this amazing region with its turquoise-coloured lagoon. You won't be disappoinged. Promise!  

I have to admit that when it comes to tourism, I always look out for ecologically and socially responsible options. The good news is that Peru is full of possibilities as far as this is concerned. It was in the Huascaran Park that I met a community who are dedicated to rural community tourism. The have a formed a non-profit organisation that oversees visits to the Llanganuco Lagoon. It's a good idea to find a local guide who'll be able to give you a real taste of local life in the Huascar & Huandy Humacchuco Community.  

This part of Peru is also a hiking fan's dream. It can be a hard slog, due to the high altitude, but the payoff when arriving at the Llanganuca Lagoon is worth the effort. Trust me, its a memorable experience. 

Women from the Humacchuco Community
Llanganuco Lagoon
Travel writer
181 travel articles

The gorgeous lakes at Callejon de Hualayas and THE unmissable outing for everyone visiting the Cordillera Blanca during their holiday in Peru.

My suggestion:
A little advice for those on a comfortable budget: there is a lodge on the banks of the laguna that has a fantastic view across the valley.

The lagunas at Llanganuco are truly magnificent. Imagine the scene, two lakes nestled between two mountain peaks, Huascaran and Huanday, whose colours change throughout the day from emerald green to deep turquoise.

There are plenty of ways to get there. The less sporty can pass the day picnicking and take a tour in a canoe. Just for information, this spot is a two hour bus ride from the town of Huarez. Aside from that, the two main hikes in the Cordillera Blanca stop by here: the famous 4 day Santa Cruz and the day trip going to the gorgeous Laguna 69. I had the chance to see the lake many times over (mainly during the two treks mentioned above) and every time the whole spectacle seemed fascinating. It also made the me the social network star of the day, the photos of this place making a number of people daydream. In short, definitely recommended!

A view over the lakes.