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Paracas (Peru)

Practical information about Paracas

  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • Nature Reserve / Wildlife Observation / Safari
  • Port
  • Museums
3 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
4hrs by bus from Lima
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Paracas

Travel writer
129 travel articles

Paracas is a charming, little seaside town and departure point for the Ballestas Islands or the Paracas National Reserve. 

My suggestion:
Being by the Pacific, Paracas is the perfect place to sample the local seafood. The seafront is lined with restaurants, each one as tempting as the next. I highly recommend you try the Jalea, a fried seafood platter. 

I have wonderful memories of this small, Peruvian town. I particularly enjoyed my walk along Paracas Beach at sunset! A colony of pelicans live there; watching them fly and dive to catch fish is spectacular. The less timid ones will even approach you!

Whilst waiting for the boat to take you to the Ballestas Islands, I suggest you visit the Paracas Museum. You'll learn loads about the wildlife that you're bound to encounter during your boat trip. What's more the museum has a lot of regional information including the extensive birdlife found in the natural reserve.  

A fishing boat, Paracas
Paracas Beach
Claire Brehmer Travel writer
14 travel articles

The town of Paracas isn't much in itself but the Paracas desert makes it worth a little detour. 

My suggestion:
The natural reserve isn't an essential place to visit but it can be a pleasant leg of a Peruvian Itinerary, between Arequipa and Lima for example.

Now, Paracas isn't an absolutely essential place to visit. There is little to see and the town itself is not particularly welcoming. Nevertheless, making a two-day detour to Paracas was a good idea because it allowed me to visit the nature reserve near to the town.

One day is enough to visit the Paracas National Reserve. Long stretches of sand await you here. Amongst the dunes and the wind-whipped sands, take some time to stroll along the natural salt paths. In this same reserve you will find the famous beaches of red sand, where you can swim!

Further on, near to the cliffs, you are sure to have the opportunity on your travels to see some of the animal life here: seals and penguins lolling below in the sun.

In the reserve itself you will come across a little spot with a rather nice restaurant. The pelicans have learned that food isn't far away and they don't hesitate to nip into the kitchens to swipe a few tasty morsels. This is the only "civilised" place in the entire reserve, so if you are afraid of large spaces with no sign of human occupation, enjoy it to the maximum.

The beaches of red sand at Paracas