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Essaouira (Morocco)

Practical information about Essaouira

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5 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
3 hours by bus from Agadir
When to go
From June to October
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Essaouira

Emilie Couillard Travel writer
129 travel articles

Essaouira is a port town where the blue sea is honoured. A good way to come into contact with the Moroccan culture without losing your bearings too much.

My suggestion:
The town is plagued with strong winds coming from the Atlantic for a large part of the year. This inconvenience has been transformed into an attraction for windsurfers who now enjoy surfing at the mercy of the win on Essaouira's beaches!

I made the most of the opportunity to eat a good fish! The town is famous for its fish and seafood. It must be said that the local economy depends on fishing even more.

A little word of advice, if you want to get to know Essaouri without the hordes of tourists, it's good to go there in winter. It's true that the climate is not as mild, however, you will be able to experience Essaouira with a touch of authenticity.

Essaouira was one of the first towns that I knew of apart from the big centres of Casablanca and Rabat. What I particularly liked about the town, was that it still has an authentic side: the donkeys which are everywhere in the narrow streets of the market, the port teeming with life, the colourful stalls of the spice markets, the chant of the muezzin calling people to pray, at this moment of my visit to Morocco, everything was new to me.   

Nina Montagné Travel writer
153 travel articles

A charming coastal town open to the Atlantic.

My suggestion:
Beware of the strong winds that sweep through the town in winter.

There are places which leave a permanent mark on your heart and soul. For me, Essaouira is one of these. I recommend it to all travellers during a trip to Morocco. Essaouira is a fortified town facing the Ocean. Its magnificent medina is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. What a pleasure it is to lose oneself in the narrow winding streets, with their noises, colours and smells!

Many foreigners have settled in Essaouira, having fallen under the spell of this enchanting town where time stands still. In the summer it attracts many tourists as it is one of the coolest and most pleasant in the country.

For those who enjoy surfing and kitesurfing huge waves sweep over the long beaches surrounding Essaouira

Tours and travel ideas Essaouira

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Grand tour of Morocco
Approx. 18 days From £2,780
  • Highlights
Marrakech souks and Essaouira beaches
Approx. 4 days From £570
  • Highlights
Riads of Morocco's imperial cities and Saharan Desert
Approx. 15 days From £2,690
  • Highlights
Berber culture and Atlas Mountains hiking
Approx. 9 days From £1,670
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