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Whether you’re visiting Israel for its rich history, its fascinating culture or for its never-ending list of incredible experiences on offer, you won’t be disappointed. Israel is the perfect destination for a one week tour for every type of visitor, with things to interest travellers of all ages. Take a tour of its famous religious sites, or see some locations that are steeped in ancient history. Appreciate the art that can be found in the architecture, museums, palaces, tombs, and monasteries and learn all about the events that have taken place in this fascinating country.

Best things to see and do for one week in Israel

What to see in one week

The list of things to see during a one week itinerary in Israel is a long one. For many, a visit here wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Jerusalem, the centre of the Holy Land and home to many of its most holy sites. See places such as the Western Wall, an ancient site for Jewish prayer and a jaw-dropping testament to human construction. Move on to sites such as Temple Mount and The Mount of Olives to see ancient religious sites and to get a taste of an ancient christian pilgrimage route that would have been undertaken by countless devout believers. The Dome of The Rock is another stunning building and is an ancient Islamic Shrine, complete with a golden dome. Mount Zion lies just outside of the city and provides spectacular views out over the area. There are also areas of particular religious significance, such as Calvary or Golgotha, where Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified, as well as The Garden Tomb, where his resurrection is believed by some to have taken place. Aside from religious sites, Israel has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty and you’ll be able to visit The Sea of Galilee or the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa to see natural beauty at its finest.  

What to do in one week

Israel may be most well known for its ancient historical and religious sites but it’s important to understand recent historical events as well, and the effect that these have had on the people of Israel and Israeli culture. During your week in Israel, visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem for an eye opening experience and to learn about the atrocities of the holocaust. Next, on to Tel Aviv; the city that never sleeps, to enjoy the local markets (such as the Camel Market), delicious food and lively atmosphere. Visit the Dead Sea to float in the salty water and experience the bizarre sense of weightlessness for which it has become famous. You can also enjoy a relaxing spa or luxury hotel experience while you’re here, with many hotels offering bespoke Dead Sea treatments using the water, salt and mud. Remaining by the coast, visit the Red Sea. Full of life and colour, this place is the polar opposite of the Dead Sea’s lifeless waters and you’ll be able to snorkel and scuba dive to discover the underwater paradise that calls this place home.

Best time to travel to Israel for a week

Israel is often considered a year-round destination and whenever you decide is the best time to visit for your one week tour, you’re sure to have the time of your life. The busiest periods are the summer months, as well as any major Jewish holidays. During the summer, the temperatures soar and prices can sometimes become more expensive. If you do choose to travel during this time, make sure that you book well in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. During the winter, the temperatures are often much cooler, meaning that they’re perfect for sightseeing for the entire day, without the need to head indoors during the midday heat. The best time for snorkelling and scuba diving is during the spring, when temperatures are warm and waters are clear.

When to go in Israel?

You can visit Israel at any time during the year: it all depends on the region you would like to visit. The north can experience cold winters, whereas the southern climate is almost unbearable in the summer. If you want to go walking, go in March or April. Also make sure you don't travel during a Jewish festival: the country stops and you risk becoming trapped by the celebration period.
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